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    Airbrushing enclosures?

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    Unable to search on

    Try clearing your cache. No issues on my end.
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    DEMO EQUILUX BUILD. Yes yes yes.

    This confusion is my fault. I apologize.
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    2 One-Knobbers in a 1590b?

    Should be able to. It’d definitely be easier if you put the two into one strip board layout. Are you asking about space or using the same volume pot for both?
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    Equilux Equalizer

    Re @Bricksnbeatles good summation. Audio signals are sllooooooowwwww. We don’t have to worry about high-speed design requirements with pedals.
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    Basic Relay Bypass

    The relay board can be used with dual projects, but the wiring will have to be altered slightly to change the jack connections.
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    Basic Relay Bypass

    If it has regular true bypass (i.e., not buffered) you can replace it with the relay board. Typically, buffered projects come with a dedicated switch daughterboard (e.g., Kliché).
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    So... I'm going to try to breadboard this... (Cornish P-2 Maybe)
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    Coin battery or you could send power with the 1/8th in cable.
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    DEMO PedalPCB Decadence PCB511 Peavey Decade

    It’s the resistor between pins 6 and 7 or 1 and 2 of the op amp (depending on how the circuit was laid out).
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    DEMO PedalPCB Decadence PCB511 Peavey Decade

    You want to change R26 (using the DEFX schematic). It’s the feedback resistor for the gain recovery stage before the output.
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    Pepperbox (Volt Thrower)

    Regular pots work, but they are shorter than the rotary and cannot extend through the pad all the way. With this type of rotary, I typically reflow pots from the bottom (i.e., non-component side) to ensure a good joint.
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    Smd Opa4134

    I meant to add this earlier: if you have the clearance, you can use the tle2074 and just not connect the two NC pins.
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    MMBFJ201’s @ Newark!

    Are you selling pedals to North Korea?
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    Relay bypass for Kliche/Kliche Mini - DPDT board?

    Either with work. The difference is the type of relay used. Latching has less current draw; non latching is less expensive but has higher current draw (possibly more noise).
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    Aion FX Cerulean

    Les Paul with humbuckers for me. And yeah, I felt like it thinned stuff out way too much. I thought it was sorta alright with offset rhythm circuits, but maybe it’s just not the sound I like. It’s odd—if I’m remembering correctly—the frequency response isn’t all that different than the TS.
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    Aion FX Cerulean

    Great look! What’s your rig? I really never bonded with the bluesbreaker—with both humbuckers and singles. Interested to know what guitars/amps folks that dig it use.
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    Caesar issues

    You need to be consistent. Place your black (common) lead at a GND point and probe with the red lead.
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    Caesar issues

    How’re you measuring? These are all over the place.
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    Caesar issues

    It sounds like you have a few problems going on. If the mix knob isn’t passing signal CCW, your dry line is dropping out somewhere. The rate LED is part of the LFO block. Finally, the trimmer sets the bias for the BBD. Have you followed any sort of calibration procedure? I would start with a...