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    Kliché in Gold

    This is my first Kliché build with the new gold tayda enclosures…
  2. K Pedals

    Whipped Cream

    I really liked this one…
  3. K Pedals

    Chucks Bass Kliche

    Just got it finished… everything fit on the full size kliche except C2 (1uF)… but it fits perfectly under the board… This thing sounds amazing on bass, which I expected but also sounds amazing on guitar too… which I wasn’t expecting… anyway Amazing job Mr Bones!¡
  4. K Pedals

    Low Tide

    Just finished this one!!! Huge shoutout @Kroars for helping me out with some V3207D’s to build a few of these!!! Gonna A/B with my shallow water but I’m really loving what I’m hearing so far!!!
  5. K Pedals

    Low Tide

    Wondering if anyone has a spare V3207 to sell or trade ?¿
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    Antithesis Fuzz

    This thing sounds killer
  7. K Pedals

    Dark Esbat Boost

    Just got done with this one...
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    Caesar Chorus

    This is a really good build... The speed doesn’t get too fast but it’s an awesome build...
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    First pour I’ve done in awhile
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    6 Band Eq

    Got this done... Wasn’t as hard as thought It’d be...
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    Custom build for a guy on reverb
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    Fat General

    Trying to use this cricut for labeling
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    Oxide Distortion

    Just got done with this one...
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    Fuzz Foundry Deluxe

    Got this done last night...
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    Conqueror Supreme

    This is my new PedalPCB favorite!!! Sounds awesome!!!
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    Quarantine Fuzz

    Just got done.!.!!
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    I love this pedal!!!
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    Selmer Buzz Tone

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    Deflector Reverb

    Haven’t spent much time with it yet but it’s at least as good if not better than my afterneath...
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    Two Sticks of Derm Fuzz

    Love this ridiculously big knob... lol