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  1. Caldo71

    Cepheid Chorus: help me find legit 3207/3102 chips!

    Hey folks, So after finishing a ridiculously clean and meticulous build of the Cepheid with every component tested before being soldered in, I am clearly having the EXACT same symptims and problems as this fellow here…...
  2. Caldo71

    Modifying Old Rockman Pedal for "Always On"...?...

    Yep, I'm definitely sending Robert a unit!
  3. Caldo71

    Modifying Old Rockman Pedal for "Always On"...?...

    Hey @Robert and @Gordo I REALLY like where you guys are going with this (nudge, nudge)...but this particular specimen has already been 99% desoldered/resoldered by yours-truly to be racked up (see attached pics) so I think it's staying home ;-) THAT SAID, these pedals are SUPER under-valued...
  4. Caldo71

    Modifying Old Rockman Pedal for "Always On"...?...

    Would it stand to reason then that the same issue (needing schematic to proceed further) would come into play were I to instead choose to replace that FET switch with a toggle switch?
  5. Caldo71

    Integral Preamp - Modifying the EQ bands?

    Hey Folks, So I just finished this fun-and-easy-build, and it sounds great, but it got me thinking about messing around with what frequencies the "bass" and "treble" knobs actually affect. So much so, that I socketed some of the resistors and capacitors that I THINK are responsible for tonal...
  6. Caldo71

    Rockman X100 Rev 10 Pedal

    BAD. ASS. Let us know about commercial availability and price, when you're at that point.
  7. Caldo71

    Modifying Old Rockman Pedal for "Always On"...?...

    Hey folks, So if any of you recognize me and my posts from the last couple years, you my know that "my deal" has usually been figuring out ways to house pedalpcb stuff into rack-mountable enclosures. Any pedal I love goes into my rack alongside its' peers in a big rack enclosure, and is...
  8. Caldo71

    Space Heater - simple tube preamp

    I got this right the first time by pure guesswork and deduction just cuz the lines silkscreened on the PCB seemed to show a “fat” side and a “thin” side to the plastic sammich around the metal plate.
  9. Caldo71

    Space Heater - simple tube preamp

    So, you DON’T have to let it linger.
  10. Caldo71

    Space Heater - simple tube preamp

    Rad thank you!!!
  11. Caldo71

    Space Heater - simple tube preamp

    Hey @vigilante398 question: does “the danger go away” with poking around high voltage tube circuits the moment one unplugs the power supply? Or are dangerous voltages still sometimes retained for a period of time within capacitors or anything like that?
  12. Caldo71

    Help Me Wire Up a (one-switch) TRIPLE Pedal!

    THANKS GUYS YOU’RE AWESOME!! I think I understand perfectly but if I get cornfused once I have it in front of me I’ll circle back. Build pics soon. Edit: that worked.
  13. Caldo71

    Help Me Wire Up a (one-switch) TRIPLE Pedal!

    Hey folks! So I took it upon myself to build and wire up a THREE CIRCUIT stomp box—Dwarven Hammer boost, End All Red overdrive, Muzzle gate—into a really large Hammond enclosure. I wanted it to be a single-switch pedal, so that all three circuits were "always-on", or completely off at the...
  14. Caldo71

    Muzzle Classic - mini slide switch

    Hey gang I know this thread is a little older but since we’re talking about that little range switch, I wanted to jump in and ask another easy question about it: Does it MATTER how the switch is “rotated” for it to function properly? Meaning, if I look at that component (I got the proper...
  15. Caldo71

    Can I Use Electrolytics or Tantalum Caps in Place of Film Caps?

    …in other words I need to align the positive/negative leads in the correct direction for the voltage flow of the circuit, right? I can’t just drop it in place of a non-polarized cap willy-nilly?
  16. Caldo71

    Can I Use Electrolytics or Tantalum Caps in Place of Film Caps?

    Probably a silly newb question, but I ask because of film caps having no polarity versus the tantalum or electrilytics having a positive and negative lead. Is it doable?
  17. Caldo71

    Changing the Frequencies of the 6-Band EQ..

    Hey so I am hoping to start building the 6-band EQ (potentiometer version) very soon, but would like to change the frequency center on each pot to something different than the stock kit. I just KNOW that I’ve seen a thread about how to do it on this forum, but for the life of me I can’t find it...
  18. Caldo71

    General Stupid questions

    I tried this out with a Tyrian build that I just finished, and I have to say I rather liked the very gradual fine control over eq, and was pleasantly surprised by how clean and flush they looked after I splayed out the tiny wire leads to feed thru the 5mm pitch pads!
  19. Caldo71

    Is there such a thing as a “pitch conversion socket”?

    This part would still be really cool, but just so you guys can see it, it IS possible to use those tiny Bourns pots on 5mm pitched pads, and keep them surprisingly flush to the board. So long as you gently splay out their tiny wire leads with your needlenose pliers and feed ‘em through. I mean I...
  20. Caldo71

    Tyrian - Second Build with Zero Sound Coming Out!

    Okay so IT WORKS I FIXED IT! As-semi-predicted it had to do with some of the “innovations” I was perpetrating in order to make these easier to eventually load into my rackmount enclosure. I was attempting to use a few tiny cables that terminated in mini JST connectors (see attached pics) so...