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  1. chongmagic

    Echo Foxtrot Drill Template

    Is there a drill template I can use?
  2. chongmagic

    Whipped cream drill template

    Is there a drill template for this yet? Can I just modify the Parenthesis mini?
  3. chongmagic

    Sproing Deluxe

    This is a great reverb/tremolo. This is the second one I've built.
  4. chongmagic

    Chalumeau "Bewitched"

  5. chongmagic

    Black Bear Fuzz - BMP Russian Black

    I put in some BC549Cs and compared it to the Sovtek Black Russian V8 I repaired. Sounds identical.
  6. chongmagic

    Sproing Reverb advanced LED

    Yellow or Red LED?
  7. chongmagic

    Black Russian Variant - Muffin Fuzz

    I went through the schematic and changed the values, could someone look and see if anything looks awry?
  8. chongmagic

    Black Russian - Muffin Fuzz

    After repairing the Black Russian BMP, looking at building one using the Muffin Fuzz PCB. I think the Russian BMP used transistors similar to the B549C if I can recall, would using the Double G OD version in the build documents get me somewhat there?
  9. chongmagic

    Sandworm, EQD Dunes

    Just finished up another of these, great YAST.
  10. chongmagic

    Engineer Solder Sucker Silicon

    I need to get some more silicon tips for my Engineer solder sucker, it came with extra but I seem to have misplaced it. Anyone ever have to order any replacement silicon tubing?
  11. chongmagic

    Big Muff Russian V8

    I am modifying a friends Big Muff Pi, Russian version 8 and the wires are so frail that the LED broke off from the main circuit board. I am trying to find where they connect. Where I have them now the LED just lights up always. Any help would be appreciated. Like this one:
  12. chongmagic

    GuitarPCB Fuzz Box

    Just finished this one up as well.
  13. chongmagic

    DSOFTM Fuzz

    A GuitarPCB pedal, sounds great.
  14. chongmagic

    Gravitation Reverb - "Levitation"

    Finished up this one last night, pretty fun to mess around with. I hope to experiment a little more with it tonight.
  15. chongmagic

    Black Eye

    Here is my Black Eye build, sounds great. I do get the oscillation when the level and gain are max but it sounds great.
  16. chongmagic

    Space heater

    Sounds great! Loving it so far!
  17. chongmagic

    Daydream Effect Lower than Unity

    I have noticed that the effect is noticeably lower than unity. I doubled checked the resistors and even switched out the TL072s. Just wanted to see if any fresh eyes see anything out of the blue?
  18. chongmagic

    Daydream silkscreen latest version

    I sold a Daydream to a guy who is saying it has low unity gain, he is sending it back to me. I was going to check the resistor values with the photo I took before I sent it, however the PCB photo appears to be from an older version. Any chance you have the latest version so I can check it with...
  19. chongmagic

    Redshift Build

  20. chongmagic

    Tagtraum, Daydream Build