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    SOLVED Does anyone have Octagon firmware?

    I have built the arachnid platform and it works with the internal sounds but not with the EEPROM sounds. I have an EEPROM burner and spare EEPROMS, so I can burn one. I contacted pedalpcb a week ago about it but haven't heard back yet. I suspect they are really busy, as they have good at...
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    Am I insane? (Arachnid)

    So, I have an Arachnid board here waiting to be made. I am thinking about doing up a tap tempo arrangement for it. What I really want to do is that as it is a mono board, it is possible to use the second audio input as a tap input without worrying about the three pot inputs (or I suppose it...
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    ADHD v2.1?

    I have seen that there is now a version 2.1 of the OCD. It is supposed to be less compressed and more like a version 1. Just wondering if anyone has any clues about what the changes might be? I know that most schematics for version 1 that I have seen have an extra germanium diode in the...