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    SMD help

    Oh, ok. I hadn't run into that before. Interesting
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    SMD help

    Are you sure that's D2 and not Q2, because that thing has 3 leads.
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    Most Versatile Non-FV1 Delay Board

    I think of the spirit box as more reverb than delay. Haven't played the others.
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    Protoboard Components

    It will work without those regulators, so if you don't have specific plans for 5v or 3.3v rails, just build ahead and get them when they're available again.
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    How should I respond?

    That sounds like a reasonable approach. He might be an honest dumbass rather than a sleazeball.
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    How should I respond?

    What is your warranty period?
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    Yes I’m posting this.

    I got one too. I've been considering how to make a little scale pedal board for it.
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    The Real BSIAB/MIAB

    I have one of these I used for an audio probe before I broke down and got an oscilloscope.
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    Knife suggestions

    DMT sharpening kit!
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    Does Arduino use C++?

    When I messed with arduino 15 or so years ago, it was all straight C. I think there wasn't space for the OOP libraries. I assume things have advanced somewhat since then....
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    Tube Guitar Amp Troubleshooting Method

    Check out several of those dudes seem to really know what they're doing. If you need help troubleshooting, you'll need to be able to supply schematic, voltages at various points, etc.
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    What Strings, yes, a STRINGS thread!

    Fender pure nickels (150R) on the Strat & tele. D'addario xl110s on the gibsons
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    SOLVED Kliche: Strange Issue…

    Are you using a switch Breakout for buffered bypass or true bypass? Would using the wrong one screw up the grounding?
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    Duocast: damaged transformer?

    Get some flux and desoldering wick/braid and it should come right off
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    Duocast: damaged transformer?

    I mean, you can check basic functionality of a transformer with a continuity check on each coil, but you'd need a signal generator and a scope to verify that it's actually working.
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    Log pots or component changes? Derailer

    When I want mine to clean up, I run the volume on the guitar down. Based on videos i've seen, that's how you're supposed to play a trainwreck amp.
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    Missing Build Docs / Schematics

    Got one ready for the pendulum, yet?
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    Helping Hands - Is it worth it?

    I use a panavise for the circuit boards, and use the cheap alligator clip thing for holding wires steady for off board components.
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    Bass Pedals

    My M800 sounds good with bass with the gain dialed way back.