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    Late to party but GORGEOUS.
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    Dual EEPROM Arachnid

    Nice work!
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    Arachnid - Dual Eeprom

    Yes 1p8T, no I didnt lay that one out as I preferred, four eeprom 2p4t and indictor lights. will probably fab that eventually. ive got 50 of the duals to off first lol.
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    Arachnid - Dual Eeprom

    Ive done 4 and 8 eeprom already, will work if space permits and your switch wiring is correct.
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    Arachnid - Dual Eeprom

    PM me for contact info.
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    Arachnid - Dual Eeprom

    The pads are meant specifically for that, as I mentioned I placed the switch to verify the pcb was working correctly before drilling hole into enclosure, just in case. 👌🏼PM me for contact info, I will sell you one.
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    Arachnid - Dual Eeprom

    Thanks to all who worked this out together here and shared enough info for me to put this together. It actually sat here unverified for a long while, I needed a second eeprom lol. Finally got around to verifying it and all is perfect. The internal switch was simply to verify before drilling a...
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    Arachnid - Dual Eeprom

    So I’ve been looking at this and it seems based on the schematic drawn that the pins I marked in green should be connected together/toground as well but are not in the layout drawing? Is this actually verified at this point? I want to give it a shot.
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    Joyo Baatsin

    It has but it is multiple versions of the same circuit not the 8 most usual suspects. ??
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    Joyo Baatsin

    Funny to me joyo did this before anyone boutique. Either way would be a sick addition to any board, especially beginners. A pedalpcb version of the OG circuits would outdo this as well. ?
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    Relay Board doesn't match docs

    So the new relay boards are out now?
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    3PDT Charge Pump board question

    Is it safe to use LT1054 with pin 1 simply lifted? With it connected I had overheating issues, with it lifted all has been well for weeks. Nagging me though as I am not sure this is OK to do. Would rather lift pin than cut trace.
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    Mosfet Driver

    Ha, So I thought those would be bias trimpots when I made my order and ordered 5K in anticipation of testing with higher voltages. Realized after the fact when I went to check bias. My build sounds amazing with them maxed however, I wonder how much more gain I am getting than stock?!
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    Snarling Dogs Mold Spore Wah

    Would be super cool to see this added to the wah options. It seems to be the most desired snarling dog but had maxx 1044 dying issues. Is rare, huge, and $$$ on the used market. Someone else added mod info in red text.
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    Help please/ Debugging how to?

    I wasn’t concerned with the resistor values as they are already confirmed and well visible in the other picture set. I didn’t even look at them in this set to notice the glare. I thought the solder pads, switch and jacks were what he was asking to see more clearly. Inspecting the resistors I...
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    Muzzle - Screaming for Vengeance

    A Simple passthrough didn’t work well for me either no matter what I tried. I now use a buffered splitter to send signal to the key input and main signal chain AND a small isolation transformer between buffer out and key input to prevent a ground loop induced in my rig. Perfect for my needs now.
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    Igor! The monster Lives!

    That looks great! ??
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    Help please/ Debugging how to?

    I took some more pictures and tried to get everything sharp enough to see. Not sure if they are better. ??‍♂️ Let me know what you think.
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    Help please/ Debugging how to?

    What you are asking for was included. Jacks/full size etc. I just reviewed all the pictures, and those pics were as large as the forum would allow me to upload. I will take some more when I get home and post them again to see if I can get anything larger/clearer. ??
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    Help please/ Debugging how to?

    Pictures were posted above. I can take and post more. I didn’t stop following up? ??‍♂️ Others clogged up the thread asking about my resistors because I posted pics.