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    PedalPCB LowBaller for my SCHMORG

    Those snuggling caps sort of look like they’re “smuggling plums”, fits with the theme. Always love your etching work. I want to be like you when I grow up. You need to hit that with an ocelot and a good bass fuzz in front for some delicious synth toans.
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    DEMO Lectric FX Karaoke Chorus (Boss CE-1)

    Antique electronics supply has them as does amplified parts
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    DEMO Lectric FX Karaoke Chorus (Boss CE-1)

    Some interesting sounds in there. Killer playing man. Just lent out my Caesar so looking forward to this build.
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    Anyone else having issues with Tayda Chromium Enclosures?

    Total bummer. I feel ya. I just did a build in chromium and it was terrible. Puckered and chipped no matter how carefully I drilled. Scratched with my fingernail.
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    PCB comparable as EHX Nano Q-Tron

    Since the q-Tron is essentially a Mu Tron 3, if Madbean starts selling the VFE projects again, the MiniMu is fantastic. You can always inquire on the madbean forums if anyone has a spare board.
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    Check the huevos on you, soldering a $15 chip straight to the board! I am trying to imagine the insane sounds coming out of that collection of pedals 🤯. Ethics of AI art aside, I think I need to explore a little since I like what people are getting and most of my limited artwork is off Google...
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    Interestingly enough, we had a 2.7 magnitude one in central KY on 1/12. Didn’t feel it, but that’s the second one I have “experienced” in a state not known for it’s tectonic activity.
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    Special K Distortion (EQD Special Cranker)

    Glad I could pass along a new little trick for your arsenal. Obviously not my original idea. Look at enough modded pedals and it’s amazing how simple some of the changes are.
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    Electric ladyland parts

    I think best practice is to use 25v (roughly double the potential voltage seen), but pretty sure 16v will be fine
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    Electric ladyland parts

    So long as you’re not trying to run it at anything higher than 9v it should be fine. The regulators are only pushing 5v
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    V3207 in stock at Cabintech

    Guess if I’m gonna pull the trigger on that karaoke board and chips…..
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    V3207 in stock at Cabintech

    Good deal. Thanks for the heads up!
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    V3207 in stock at Cabintech

    Exactly why I was looking as well. Tubes and more/Antique electronics supply has them too, but if I’m going to be buying a backup, it would be nice to save a little $.
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    V3207 in stock at Cabintech

    How ab mn3007s any eta?
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    FET/Germanium Boost (Mountain Oyster Boost)

    That is seriously some tight work there! Fantastic job! Chuck did an awesome job on this circuit.
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    'Lectric Mama Flanger / Electric Ladyland

    Very cool aesthetics. Good looking build. It was a fun one. Need to spend some more time with mine too
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    Send pics. DEFX The Thing PCB

    After the reflow things seem to be more on par with the demos. Guess I got sloppy in my haste. Good to know that your bias is acting the same as mine WAS. I guess since that is tied to the threshold I need to figure that out. Are your LEDS staying fairly bright and not really reacting to the...
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    Send pics. DEFX The Thing PCB

    Sounds like a pick up line🤣. I mean, compared to the other monster electros on that board……. I am intending on trying an NSL opto once I have confirmed all my components, just don’t want to change too much at once.
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    DEMO Modified Into the Unknown and Arcadiator bleepenbloopens

    My god man, that is a glorious cacophony! I have got to try that waveform hack.
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    Send pics. DEFX The Thing PCB

    First off I was getting a lot of hiss and artifacts in bypass. That and I felt like the envelope wasn’t responding like I had heard in demos. I used a vtl5c9. I also couldn’t get the bias to go below 6.37 with the trimmer. I have been checking component values and reflowed the all the joints...