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  1. K Pedals

    Simulcast / Broadcast Duo - parts?

    I found these https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/rubycon/35ZLQ120MEFC6-3X11/1189-3657-ND/6049828
  2. K Pedals


    This would be a cool one
  3. K Pedals

    Delegate (Warden) Upgrades

    Amazing work!¡!
  4. K Pedals

    Twill Deluxe

    Very nice
  5. K Pedals

    Parenthesis V2

    I got 1,000 D9Ks and set down and matched alot of them by forward voltage one night... So I don’t remember what value they were... I don’t think it matters as long as they match... If you need a couple just message me ...
  6. K Pedals

    Parentheses Fuzz V2

    no just the way you actually tighten the knob down on the shaft allows you to set the position
  7. K Pedals

    Parentheses Fuzz V2

    It just depends on how you set the knob... I always do mine where the first position is 12:00 Then 1:30 3:00 4:30 So about 1 1/2 hours on a clock but they can start wherever you set the knob
  8. K Pedals


    Sweet thanks man...
  9. K Pedals


    Thanks man... I’ve been wanting to get into building amps for awhile... How you liking it??? It’s it similar to pedals with just bigger voltages?? And could you recommend a first build for me and a link??
  10. K Pedals

    Protoboard pin connectors

    These come with male to female, female to female and male to male... https://www.amazon.com/ELEGOO-Breadbord-Jumper-Wires/dp/B07RWTHF6D
  11. K Pedals


    thanks man.!.!! Yep... That’s correct... just clipped resistor legs...
  12. K Pedals

    Mouser parts missing

    I order from them all the time and that’s never happened to me... they accidentally send a giant spool of resistors one time but nothing has ever been missing...
  13. K Pedals

    EAE Mojo Titan (DAM Sonic Titan)

  14. K Pedals


  15. K Pedals


    No just 9v
  16. K Pedals

    Roger Mayer Octavia

    Sweet!!! Does it sound as good as it looks?¿
  17. K Pedals


    I used a MP21a HFE of 80
  18. K Pedals


    I can’t remember off hand which way is which... I just tune the trimmers by ear... I like to set the low side real low and the high side cranked...
  19. K Pedals


    Man if you like the simulcast you’ll love this... Yeah I’ve built several simulcasts and this is the 3rd one of these I’ve built... You can set one to OD and the other to fuzz so it’s like having 2 gain stages in one pedal... the 9v/27v is kinda cool... it’s pretty much like more or less...