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  1. BurntFingers

    Old knobs

    I have these knobs. I'm never going to use them on pedals because they're obnoxiously large. By the magic of epoxy and neodymium I now have a selection of new fridge magnets. Crikey.
  2. BurntFingers


    Weekend leftover parts project complete. The enclosure is from 2011 and one of Tayda's older style ones that are shorter and narrower than what they currently stock so I dicked up the drilling and left a vent at the top. Handy actually as there's too much toan in here anyway. It's sort of an...
  3. BurntFingers

    Weird one for you

    So I had a guy today ask me about a pedal. But, he wants it all white. That's the outside... and the inside. Including the board. He asked if spraypainting the thing after it's been made would do the job. I've no idea so here I am. Now, the solder side is the underside so won't be sprayed if I...
  4. BurntFingers

    What guitars do you all play?

    I presume most of the people on this forum are guitar players... maybe some of those long guitars with 4 of the big strings are here too. What are we all rocking? I've been playing this one a lot. I built it last year because I had some pretty vitex (the top wood) to use up so here it is. And...
  5. BurntFingers

    Some pedals I've made

    Here in New Zealand, like a lot of places, we're going through some business closures and there's not much work happening at the moment as non-essential businesses have called it a day for a while. I'm a photographer and had the studio setup still up from a client gig we did last week so I...
  6. BurntFingers

    More gain and bass from a guv'nor?

    I could probably up the value of the gain pot but is there a circuit component which will get more gain from the circuit? Same for more bass. Needs more fat.
  7. BurntFingers

    Breakout board compatibility?

    I have some of these: I'd like to use them on some projects but as you can see there designed for the DC jack to be side mounted by the switch. My boards have the 9v at the top of the pedal PCB where the DC jack lives, like pedalpcb designs. So... How to use both together? Run a wire from 9v...
  8. BurntFingers

    Tone Block with gain recovery stage

    You lose quite a bit of output when using the retrofitted tone circuit. Having a gain recovery stage in the same board would be a real help to make the installation of the tone circuit seamless.
  9. BurntFingers

    Spatialist layout?

    Is this designed for a 6 knob enclosure? The rotary going through the middle hole of the bottom row? It doesn't look like it would align perfectly from the board but I might be missing something.
  10. BurntFingers

    Bf2 flanger

    There's a lack of phase/flange options available. There's a bf2 schematic in the build docs here https://reverb.com/item/26386239-flanger-bf2-pcb-diy-pedal For added bonus there's also a phase 90 schematic which I'm surprised to find isn't something currently on offer. It's a classic diy...
  11. BurntFingers

    Xotic bb preamp

    It's a classic and it's awesome and it's orange. Please call it the Comic Sans Drive.
  12. BurntFingers

    Diode selection switch to Hoof?

    Ungula, sorry. I'm interested in adding some diodes to a switch for clipping options. Thing is the board is already made and wired up as the cloven hoof variant, which I like just fine but options are options. I'm wondering about using an on-off-on dpdt with a pair of different diodes on the...
  13. BurntFingers

    Spaceman Saturn V

    Lots of fun things in there. Most of it seemingly just to aggravate diyers but Spaceman are doing some interesting things in the pedal world and have seemingly been overlooked in the cloning universe.
  14. BurntFingers

    Wiring caps in parallel. How?

    Ahoy, To wire 2 caps in parallel, a 100uf electrolytic and .1uf film, would I wire the negative leg of the electrolytic to leg 1 of the film, then leg 2 to the socket? Or put them both in the same holes as it were? Solder the smaller cap to the electrolytic legs? The theory I get, just not the...
  15. BurntFingers

    Fuzzboy v3

    It's not a pedalpcb board. It's a vero. Avert your eyes if you're not into that. It's a ritual/meathead/colorsound style of thing but with an added tone knob and voltage divider which replicates a dying battery by sending 9v to ground (to a minimum of 2.2v). The tone is a super basic...
  16. BurntFingers

    Delegate compressor

    You can't see but this is my best build to date. I tried to keep it neat as I know the more complex the circuit the more things to go wrong. I used a bc549 flipped around for the 2n5089 I couldn't source. It works fine btw. I did socket mine just in case but it works great, just make sure to...
  17. BurntFingers

    Parametric eq?

    Seems like the only eq is Paul Gilbert's model. It sure would be nice to have a solid parametric eq somewhere in the lineup. Boss had their pq4, empress has theirs, byoc has a kick-ass one, wampler has a nice one. Anything clonable out there?
  18. BurntFingers

    Keeley Aurora

    Sure would be nice. Or, any other reverb pedal that doesn't use an fv1 (there's one currently listed).
  19. BurntFingers

    More gain and bass from Awful Waffle?

    I built this up, it doesn't sound very much like the hot cake. It's a light od but the gain seems to run out quite early on maximum and it's a very bright pedal whereas the original is a big fat wooly thing. I was looking to increase the gain on tap and shift the sound to a more bassy tone to...
  20. BurntFingers

    Mesa Throttle Box

    Great pedal. Crap name. Doable. Whatchathink?