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    Eqd dispatch master

    I dunno if I really want to build it seeing how pedalpcb as got so many awesome fv-1 project but heck i am pretty sure I would build one if you made a board for it :). I kinda love the simplicity of the just 4 knobs one patch, but at the same time I do think there's wasted potential in that...
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    Thorpy field marshal

    The Big cheese 2 .... We need this !!
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    SOLVED Pyrocumulus Fuzz

    Hi y'all !! I got a pyrocumulus fuzz that ain't working :( I have checked the resistors and reflowed all the pads numerous times ! Gotta clean the back of the pcb real soon... When everything is turn to full I do hear a fuzz from far away but with no sustain. The bass and treble do change the...
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    Tyrian distortion (revv g3) gain question

    I just finished building it and it sounds awesome! I don't have a high gain amp so I can't really test it as it is entendent to be used. When I turn the gain knob I barely get any range difference. It goes to no gain then at around 1/8 it goes to full on distortion at the 1/2 point it pretty...
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    Glory hole gain switch mod possible ?

    I just ordered some glory hole pcbs and was wondering if it's at all possible to add the V4 gain switch as a mod ! Idunno how exactly the gain boost is triggered but if it's like a 1-2 resistors switch it should be easy ? Thanks in advance if anyone is familiar with the circuit and can help me...
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    Op amp big muff at 18v ?

    This might be a stupid question but here goes xD can you run a op amp big muff at 12-18V ? Humm I tried to Google the answer for this but didn't really find anything on it a part that you shouldn't use a 18v power supply on the good old transistors version. So I got a madbeans opamp big muff...
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    Can I use a 18v power supply for a semi-sweet distortion 3 (Cornish ss-3)

    Just got done building this one and it's very cool :) I was just wondering. Can I go 18v it if all my electro caps a rated 25v or above ? Will it explode and leave me with pedal enclosure shrapnel all over? And most importantly ... Will it be useful or worth it:p Thanks !!
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    Cooperfx arcade pedal

    The YouTube algorithm suggested this to me: Pretty sure it's a fv-1 pedal with little pcbs in card form for the eeprom. It's a little gimmicky but I like it ^^ what do you guys think?
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    Pcb recommendations needed!

    Hi y'all!! I wanna build myself a new pedalpcb cart and it's kinda overwhelming the amount of circuits this site as produced this past year! (Wich is a good thing :D). I am looking for recommendations from you guys, what are the builds that made you go WOW! And surpassed your expectations...
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    WIMA capacitors are they worth the extra cost ?

    Hi guys ! I am making a shopping cart from tayda, and I got lots of boxed caps to refill. Eversince they have been selling WIMA caps I've been buying those, but to be honest I just never heard a difference between them and the old grey boxed one they still got of a 1/3 of the price. I really am...
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    Fuzz bender

    This would be fun. Found a schem on a forum. Not sure if it's any good.
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    First reverb.com pedal defect had to happen...

    It's not much of a question but more a venting thread. I first started to sell pedals on reverb 2 montsago and i got my first message telling me my pedal is malfunctioning T_T. It's a friedman of deluxe clone and the channel switch when engaged flicker back and forth on the 2 channels. My...
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    Any good general components eagle library's ?

    I am using madbeans library at the moment and I gotta say , I love the big solder pad when I got to replace a component but I hate them when doing traces on eagle :/ anyone know where to get a library with small solder pad like pedalpcb pcbs? Really just need resistor s caps and diodes. I tried...
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    Stand alone life pedal octave section

    Hi everyone! I am thinking about making my own stand alone pcb of the octave section of the life pedal. Looking at the schematic it seems to include the first jfet in the circuit. I know the green ringner uses only 2 2n5088/89 and a 2n5087. So if I would do it should I make it from dist_in to...
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    Photoshop drill template file to help with making graphics!

    Hi y'all !!! I was wondering ... Would it be possible to make a Photoshop file or png files of the drill templates for the various pedalpcb projects available for us ? The way I do it is by importing the PDF drill template page into gimp, then I copy it, paste it in my pedal graphic and then try...
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    New transformer to inductor board question

    Just wanted to get this straight! Can I use the new utility board to build a conqueror fuzz without the fasel? https://www.pedalpcb.com/product/faseladapter/ It replace the 500mh indicator ? If so does it sound the same ? Can you only use a 42TM013? ... I don't know the first thing about...
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    Phase inverting blend utility board

    I just finished a build of madbeans collosus flanger (mxr117) I wanted to do a bass friendly flanger so I tried a guitarpcb buff n blend but being a modulation pedal it of course invert phase the god damned signal! What I found on the net is mostly looper pedal circuits... What I really need...
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    Tumnus deluxe

    A kliché deluxe could be cool ^^ klons are cools and so are 3 bands eq :) maybe if they got together on one sexy nigth..... Maybe something good would come out .
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    Dba interstellar overdriver deluxe

    I managed to build a non deluxe one and it sounds pretty good... No gating even with 3 2n5089. Then I tried to build a deluxe with the Vero layout flooring around Google image but it failed... Got some of the rotary switch options to work ,the no 1-2-5 but the rest is no go T_T. The Octave fuzz...
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    reverb selling question

    I just started selling some handmade pedals on reverb.its been about a month and I already sold 6 pedals so it's going better than I expected but I was wondering... Do you guys use the reverb return policy ? Have you had many returns ? I put all my pedals on that policy thinking it would help...