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    Methods or tools to test SMD

    Been getting a lot of SMD pedals/amps needing repair, so my question is does anyone have any good methods of checking/testing components? Currently I am using a multimeter and I made a logic probe for digital sections. I just feel like there has to be a better way. Appreciate the help.
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    Way Huge Russian Pickle

    I got a free broken Way Huge Russian Pickle I figured I would ask before I start reinventing the wheel. Is anyone familiar or could point me in the direction of the power circuit used in Dunlop/Way Huge pedals? What I have found is that the yellow trace connects to ground the only component that...
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    DA-120 Overdrive

    With Dunwich calling it quits this pedal is already going up in price. It seems to based on a Green Matamp with a boost of some sort. Apparently another company is taking over the designs but it is already getting crazy over some of these pedals.
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    Clouds Pedal

    Was cruising on my lunch break and found this cool eurorack someone converted into a pedal. https://github.com/pichenettes/eurorack/tree/master/clouds https://github.com/pichenettes/eurorack/tree/master/clouds/hardware_design/pcb...
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    Plumes Bass Mod

    Pretty simple replace the 100nF capacitor with something bigger to change the corner frequency. I put two others on a switch stock 100 nf, 220 nf for beefy guitar and 1 uf for crushing bass. Typical tubescreamer mod but really makes it a whole new beast. This was about the easiest location for a...
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    FV-1 splicer type pedal

    A PCB or EPROM patch for one of those weird splicer like pedals like the Grazer or Count to Five. Weird pedals but I have uses for it live I don't want to talk to people so weird noises.
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    Fv-1 source

    Anyone got a line on FV-1 chips? Seems like my usual places in NA are sold out. Any suggestions?
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    Rusty Box

    Steep ask because I think bass stuff doesn't get much love, but I would love a Rusty box, I have a layout for an etched board but I just don`t do much time for etching anymore. Also got any of them blend boards?
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    Bigger Muff

    I am mainly posting this because there seems to be some Big Muff love here, but someone posted a veroboard layout. This is the Muff used in some older metal albums, but seems like a cute idea.
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    Small Fry/Tater Tot EQ circuit function

    Wanting to adjust the EQ of the Small Fry for bass just not familiar with the EQ circuit so I am not sure what to search. If anyone know what to call this or is familiar with how the the bass, mids, and treble control works it would save me a lot of random breadboarding. Schematic here...
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    PNP Ge Builds

    Have a bunch of Ge PNP transistors sitting around looking for some recommendations for builds. I know there is the Arbiter Fuzz Face anything else?
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    DSP Program selector for FV-1 projects 16 programs

    I know this exists else where but a centralized non-SMD version of this would be great all FV-1 products in one go. http://www.hexeguitar.com/diy/utility/fv1progsel
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    Cali 76

    A lot of musicians I have met recommended the Cali 76 compressor. Normally not into compressor but have seen it enough wonder.
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    Sunn Beta

    I see a lot of people ask for a Sunn beta preamp pcb. I have a etchable layout if people are super interested but a smaller PCB with the bipolar power portion would be nice.
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    Westwood and Sunn Model T preamp

    Westwood or Sherwood on the left and Coda Sunn Model T preamp on the right. I used gel food coloring to give an anodized effect I think it turned out well. Sherwood/Weswood sounds great on bass.
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    Disaster Transport SR

    Massive delay/reverb like Disaster Transport Sr. would be great, I remember seeing pictures of the PCB and it seems do able by DIY. Could be neat to have accessible to the community.