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    The arachnid has 1uF MLCC caps in the audio path. Any harm using 2.2uF MLCC caps?

    It's a complex circuit, using Caps double the recommended size would cause all types of issues so Yes, it would cause Harm!
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    Here's a Handy tracking sight Covers a lot : https://www.17track.net/en
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    Brown betty - no sound

    Well, good luck!
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    Brown betty - no sound

    For $10.00, WHY?
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    Bullrush Overdrive Oscillation

    Have you considered changing those rather large 100nF caps for something more relative to the Build. Those Radial Caps could also be causing an Issue, just saying!
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    Bullrush Overdrive Oscillation

    The Input Jack Ground wire on the PCB looks Fryed. Using Led as clippers instead of 1N4148 is also given it more output Checked to make sure your Resistor values are Correct with this : http://resistor.cherryjourney.pt/
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    C-Buffer question

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    Urushiol Drive - PedalPCB Just Released!

    Burnt the Morning Oil in Photoshop , This is my Tribute to the Original ''Blisterlily'' by El Musico Loco creator, R.I.P ! A wicked Pedal! THANKS PedalPCB!!! Mike Hermans Demo:
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    Fuzz Foundry Deluxe... Sort of !

    Just Photoshop.
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    Fuzz Foundry Deluxe... Sort of !

    This is what my Fuzz Foundry Deluxe would look like if I build it. So Far, i have over 1/2 a Dozen pedals that I want to build that I have Graphics for & no PCB's. But... PedalPCB keeps releasing another one I want & with the current Shipping Isues (Last Order was 3 months)! I don't think any of...
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    LM386 chips

    National Semi LM386N-3 is available from Mouser. Here is a discussion about this pedal build : https://forum.pedalpcb.com/threads/paradise-overdrive-gain-pot-motorboating.2535/#post-19680
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    Ultimate Octave/Foxx Tone Machine

    2N4401 & 2N3904 are very similar with 2N4401 slightly less noise.
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    Ultimate Octave/Foxx Tone Machine

    One Word, Awesome !
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    Non Rectangle Hammond Enclosures

    Cool Pedal! Here is the Hammond link Scroll Down this page to find what you require : http://www.hammondmfg.com/dwg_SBVer.htm
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    Woodgrain Quarintine Fuzz Graphic

    Photoshop Designed!
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    Wood Enclosures

    We want Wood!
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    Angry Charlie V3

    Very Nice Work, RT Custom! What part of the world do you live?
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    Angry Charlie V3

    Hi Impressive Build, but I have to ask why show it here if you personally don't like Prefabricated PCB's & you use a Wooden Box?
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    Angry Charlie V3

    Pro Finish! Stay Well!