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    Bootleg Overdrive

    Second of my Tayda printed enclosures. I took the recommendation in the build docs to use an on/off/on switch to gain an extra no diode clipping mode, which might be my favorite of the three.
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    Super ‘64 Overdrive

    First of a bunch of builds using Tayda UV printed and custom drilled enclosures. The printing quality is very good and accurate, and the drilling is accurate as well (although I did find I needed to reem the holes a bit more, as they weren’t perfectly circular). Will post more as I finish.
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    Small Bear Open Now

    Hey, just wanted to let everybody know that Small Bear is open for orders from now until tomorrow at 9PM EST, so get your orders in for those hard-to-find parts.
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    Keeley Fuzz Bender

    This one would be fun.
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    Keeley Compressor GC-2 Limiting Amplifier

    This one is a simpler version of the Keeley Compressor Pro that uses the same THAT 4320-based circuit.
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    JHS Pulp N Peel v4

    Highly regarded Orange Squeezer-based compressor. Would be addition to the compressor options.
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    Captain Bit Low Volume

    I just built a Captain Bit, and I am having an issue where the volume is very low, even with the Level Pot at 100%. I have already done the following: double checked the values of all resistors and capacitors swapped out the TL072 IC used an audio probe to track the issue to somewhere between...
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    SOLVED Propolis Fuzz just buzzing

    Hey all, This is my first attempt at building a pedal, so sorry if I’ve done something dumb. Current state is when the switch is off, everything is fine (audio makes it to the amp), but as soon as I switch the pedal on, there is a loud buzzing noise and no audio signal (led also lights up)...