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  1. jjjimi84

    Procrastinator, Mantle, Sea Horse, Bayonet

    Here are a few pedals recently gifted to people I really admire. My mom asked for a painted pedal and since she is always late I gave her this, the Procrastinator. Standard build hand painted purple locust flower. Built 03/22/2019 and painted 03/16/2020 for her birthday on 03/17/2020. I...
  2. jjjimi84

    Foxtron Octron 3

    https://www.foxroxelectronics.com/Octron3.html It certainly looks within the range of diy, all through hole and sounds killer.
  3. jjjimi84

    Chicken Head

    Here is my latest painted pedal, built on May 5th and painted only 19 days later on the 24th. This is a huge deal for me because usually I take forever to get anything done and it marks the first time I took pictures along the way to detail my steps with painting. Here is the first step, I...
  4. jjjimi84

    Super Heterodyne Receiver

    This thing is nuts, just insanity. I found myself making a ton of lazer like sounds hence the painting. This is a bare enclosure painted with a mix of acrylic and enamel paint, this is actually the last time I use enamel paint for any brush work. Just realized how blurry that second picture is...
  5. jjjimi84

    Buxom Boost and Chela, cooder shout out

    Here is me picking up the slack on unicorns and farts. First up is a stock chela, no idea why I picked a pink enclosure but this is the end result. I am going to mod this per chuck d bones mods eventually built 12/8/2018 and painted 02/22/2020. Here is a very recent build, a stock buxom...
  6. jjjimi84

    Kung Fu Chicken aka Magnetron Delay

    Here is the Kung Fu Chicken, it is a Magnetron Delay with a slam switch that sends the delay into oscillation. Pedal was built on December 6th 2018 and finally painted on February 29th of this year, only took me three months to post.... Nice.
  7. jjjimi84

    Dung Beetle, Spirit Box

    Couple of recently fully completed pedals, the incredible Dung Beetle with a Rick Sanchez painting and the Spirit Box with a big elephant on it. Both were painted using acrylic paint and finished with an epoxy pour. Dung Beetle, built on May 20th 2019 and Painted on February 2nd 2020 Spirit...
  8. jjjimi84

    Flugelhorn and Plecostomus Fuzz

    Here is my Flugelhorn Fuzz, this one was quite a fun and interesting build. As for the build it was really straight forward and sounds fantastic but when I started painting it I made a mistake and had excess paint come off the brush onto the top ruining the original painting. When I tried to...
  9. jjjimi84

    Blue Shoe Gui Pan

    Brilliant! Are you some sort of wizard?
  10. jjjimi84

    Menatone Top Boost in a Can

    I am interested in this pedal, especially the 8 knob version. https://reverb.com/item/28561946-menatone-top-boost-in-a-can-8-knob
  11. jjjimi84

    Je Taime/Cleaver build

    A dual pedal that loves my blackface deluxe, great for thickening up a strat or cranking things to go all beano.
  12. jjjimi84

    Stockade Boost Independent of OD

    I remember reading a thread somewhere about wiring the stockade boost to be used independently from the circuit but cannot seem to find it. Anyone have any suggestions for this?
  13. jjjimi84

    Pandoras Box

    I have been working on this for too long for comfort. Mine just oscillates wildly, kinda like a helicopter of noise and chainsaws. I have checked all caps and resistors and found that my board has c12 as 33n and the newer boards is 3n3, I swapped and still have the same issue. I am using op07...
  14. jjjimi84

    Skylight OD transistor subs

    I thought I had some 2n3819s but couldn’t find any in my parts so I used 2n5457. It sounds great and i am assuming that they are a fine substitute since they are in the tone section but should I spring for some 2n3819s? Is it worth it?
  15. jjjimi84

    My Finished Builds Part 3

    Here is the latest batch to be painted this month. I started changing up the lettering which I like a lot more and will go back and update all of my other builds to this. Once the weather starts warming up I am hoping to take them apart and get them sealed to prevent any chipping. Twenty Eight...
  16. jjjimi84

    My Finished Builds Part 2

    Here is the Sherwood, originally I did not like this pedal but it has grown on me. Kinda wish I wouldn't have put Kermit on there but my son was digging kermit that week. The duo-phase, this thing is wonderful and one of the main reasons I got back into build after taking a few years off...
  17. jjjimi84

    My Finished Builds Part 1

    Here are some of my early builds that are fully painted from last year. I am going to try to get everything posted in the next couple days to keep me painting more. First up is the Tommy, painted with a Bomb omb. Next is my twinface, with a little shy guy action. Angry Andy, one of my...
  18. jjjimi84

    Engineers Thumb

    I would love to see a more full featured compressor, the engineers thumb looks pretty great. Deadend FX has one but it is in a larger enclosure and it would be nice to have it in 125b format.
  19. jjjimi84


    Here is a Tommy build I did a while back, really great pedal, very versatile. I painted this using acrylic paints, recreating Bob-omb from Super Mario. Here is a little demo I put together to showcase the different eq options and gain settings available. This was done using one dual...