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    Tommy III internal SPDT

    The build docs call for a SPDT Mini Slide for the internal clipping switch. Can I substitute that for a short shaft On-On SPDT, assuming there is enough clearance to close the enclosure? Or, alternatively, could i install a long shaft On-On switch on the underside of the board and use it as an...
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    Need advice on new PCBs to order

    I've built around 15-20 PCBs from this site and have found some really good ones and also a few that didn't really do anything for me. I'm trying to build out a new pedalboard and right now I have a fuzz/distortion and a few modulations that I'm really happy with but looking to add a good delay...
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    CDXL Classic Vactrol

    I know this had been discussed here before but has anyone had success finding the VTL5C4/2? I tried making my own by combining two LDRs and an LED, in a few variations, but haven't ever had success. The pedal turns on and works fine in bypass but when the pedal is engaged, with any combination...
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    Arrow Boost (Amentum)

    Quarantine build number 6. Pretty basic one here and I had intended to combine it with another PCB but decided to just go ahead and box it up to add a simple boost at the end of my effects chain.
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    Ben's Son Preamp (Son of Ben)

    Quarantine Build number 4. I had some trouble getting this one to work and this was the first PPCB that I've almost given up on but after some trouble shooting and help from the forum, I got it all boxed up. I wasn't getting sound when the pedal was engaged and that was because the audio jacks...
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    Prometheus (Pythagoras MultiFX)

    Quarantine Build number 5. I've had a stack of PCBs that I ordered over the past year and its been great to finally have time to sit down and knock them out. This was my first MultiFX build and I have the Arachnid up next. Went together pretty easily and I like the ability to swap out the...
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    Potentiometer question

    I just got my order in from Tayda and they put a500k pots in a bag marked for a1m pots. My question is, aside from waiting until I get the right pot, could I substitute a b1m or a500k and make either work in place of the a1m? This is for the Son of Ben preamp pedal. thanks
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    The Mountainking (Arkaim Fuzz)

    Just finished quarantine build number 3. I've built this one before but really like the meaty sound it gives off. The first one i built was all with spare parts. This time I did everything correct, although i did sub an a50K pot for an a100K pot. I haven't noticed any real difference though. The...
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    Counterweight build

    Just finished up another quarantine pedal. Super annoyed that I scratched the graphic around the foot switches while carelessly tightening them down. Tried using a new (to me) low profile external nut dc jack. Looks a lot sleeker but took me way longer than it should to realize you cant stick a...
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    Propolis Fuzz build

    Just finished up my first quarantine build. Super quick build and not a bad little fuzz pedal. Fits into my board well but I need to play around with placement in the chain.
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    Propolis fuzz resistor question

    I sure this kind of question has been answered many times on here but I'm building the Propolis and I just realized I don't have a 42K resistor. Which would be better to replace with, a 39K or a 47K?
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    Unused pedals

    I have a lot of pedals that I've bought over the years but since I've started building my own, rarely use the store bought/boutique ones. I like a lot of them but get more satisfaction from playing with the ones I've built. I'm planning on selling them at some point but figured I'd take pictures...
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    Leprechaun (Rainbow Machine)

    Just finished this one up. Really weird pedal and not sure how I would realistically use it but definitely fun for replicating humpback whale sounds! Really fine tuning the knobs, you can get a cool pitchy reverb sound. Credit to K Pedals for mentioning these connectors in another thread. Game...
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    CDXL Envelope Filter

    What goes in the big unlabeled spot on this PCB? I've got everything else I need but couldn't figure out what kind of component goes there. Thanks! https://www.pedalpcb.com/product/cdxl/
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    Wah Pedals

    Has anyone built one of the wah pcbs into a mini wah pedal enclosure? Any idea if this is possible with the TearJerker and any places to sources the mini enclosures?
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    What's your favorite PCB on this site?

    Between pedals I've bought in the past and ones I've built from here, I feel like I have a mountain of OD/Distortion/Fuzz pedals. Looking to add more variety to my pedal boards. Any suggestions for other PedalPCBs I should build next? I don't play any particular style of music, kind of all over...
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    LDR question

    I just built the Chalumeau and everything appears to be working as it should but I after looking at the build docs, I noticed it said to use a 5mm yellow LED. I haven't built a pedal with photo resistors yet so I randomly chose with this 5mm red LED and this LDR. My question is with this LDR...
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    Chalumeau (Pheiffer/Fifer)

    I added the fuzz on/off switch mod that i found in the Chalumeau Modifications thread. Its a really simple mod and like being able to take the fuzz out of the circuit. So thanks to Jonathan who showed how to do it. The face plate is another paper although it looks a lot better in real life than...
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    Sea Horse (The Belafonte)

    Just finished up the Sea Horse build. Fun pedal with a lot of flexibility. Will probably take a while to dial but its fun to play with. I havent been that happy with how my waterslides have been turning out so, after reading the enclosure decoration thread, I tried my hand at printing a paper...
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    Counterweight resistors

    On the parts list, R5 is listed as 7K15. Is that accurate or should it be 7K5? This may be an obvious answer, but I haven't used either value in a build yet so I wanted to confirm. Thanks!