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  1. StephanCOH

    Are 1N4118 and 1N4148 interchangeable?

    Will a 1N4148 work as a replacement for a 1N4118 or vice versa? I think I ordered a 4118 while the BOM says I should use a 4148.
  2. StephanCOH

    MXR Brown Acid Fuzz

    Yeah, this seems to have not been properly released yet (at least there is not much to be found around the web), but the youtube vids I found sound amazing and I'd love to build one for our bassplayer to replace his bass-muff.
  3. StephanCOH

    Earthquaker Devices Night Wire

    Lovin' the possibility to control trem-rate by pick attack. Any chance to get these done on pedalPCB?
  4. StephanCOH

    Oasis (EQD Dunes)

    Built on of those on saturday. I was looking for an OD to feed into my Fuzzly Bear Fuzz and fell in love with the sound of the EQD Dunes. I ordered the pcb before the new kit for the Palisades went up, but I'll probably stick with the Oasis/Dunes because of the smaller footprint. Tracking...
  5. StephanCOH

    Sea Horse: can I use a LM324N for the LM324

    Pretty much just that: are those interchangeable?
  6. StephanCOH

    Black Art Toneworks - Black Sheep

    A pcb for the Black Sheep would be awesome. https://www.blackartstoneworks.com/pedal/black-sheep/ Here is a stripboard version: https://tagboardeffects.blogspot.com/2016/01/black-arts-black-sheep.html I am pretty shure there is a schematic on free
  7. StephanCOH

    Teddy Rupture

    Finished my Teddy Rupture build today. I call it the Grizzly. Tried it with my Micro Terror at home and it sounds pretty thick and massive already. Really fun to play some Kyuss songs. Going to give it a testdrive at the rehearsal space at full volume next week.
  8. StephanCOH

    KMA Audio Machines

    I'd love to see pcb's for those pedals, unfortunately I can neither provide schematics or gut-shuts. http://kma-machines.com/m_wurm.html http://kma-machines.com/m_moai.html (that one in combination with a Fuzzly Bear sounds MASSIVE) http://kma-machines.com/m_astro.html
  9. StephanCOH

    Teddy Rupture

    Hi there. I just finished a built of the Teddy Rupture, but it does not work. Bypass is fine, but after I activate it it first went dead silent and the LED lit up. I then reflow some solder joints, but now the LED looks like it is firing up for a microsecond and then dies. The funny thing is...