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    Hi I recently got some of these ICs as a part of a lot and have never really heard of them? Has any one ever used these before and are they usable in place of CD4049's? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    All work and no play

    From left to right, frost drive, abider, animal, and 5f6 clone.
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    2N5485 Son of Ben

    Looking to finish a Benson build and need some assistance. I have 2N5485's and just want to double check that they will work if installed according to the silkscreen on the board. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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    I got a rat problem...

    And I couldn't be happier!
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    Plain simulcast

    With the help of fellow members Mcknib, I now have a new audio probe and a working simulcast. Talk about a win win! Thanks again for the help.
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    Audio probes

    Looking to make an enclosed audio probe and am looking for some inspiration/insight. If anybody has done it and can share I would be very appreciative. I have what I think is all the material to put together but need some direction.
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    SOLVED Simulcast quiet/thin sound

    Thanks up front for any help. Everything works but it is super quiet even at 100 percent on the knobs.
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    Muriodea screen print

    On the muriodea board, is the anode or cathode supposed to go in this square?
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    Samurai C12

    The board calls for 470n electrolytic but all I have is a 1u, would this be too much for the circuit?
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    Roboto PCB

    I have a Roboto PCB that is unused that I no longer want to build. PM me if you want it and to work out the details.
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    First post

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    Tantalum caps vs Electrolytic

    Is it possible to use tantalum caps in the place of Electrolytic? I am new to pedal building and haven't found a great answer yet. All help is greatly appreciated.
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    Best board combinations

    What are some PCB combos that would be best combined into one pedal? My thought is a dual tube screamer a la visual sounds double trouble, a dual Tommy, a blues breaker into a Mr black bb gun, or a tube screamer into a rat. Just some ideas. I am looking for more underrated combos like that and...
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    Plexface overdrive

    JTM45, JMP, 57 Tweed, and 65 Blackface sounds all in one box. The original is made by Weehbo but maybe it's doable with boards provided already. Just a thought.