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    No Sound coming out of my Cobalt Drive

    Also you might might look into cleaning up your board a bit with some alcohol and acid brush just to eliminate any small chance you might be getting continuity where you aren't supposed to. Don't forget an audio probe is a great friend.
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    No Sound coming out of my Cobalt Drive

    Does your led work when the footswitch is activated? Also if you are familiar with following a schematic, you can trace the audio path to find where you might be faulting.
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    CDXL Classic distorting

    If you are familiar with tracing circuits based on the schematic and have an audio probe, that may help. I haven't built this pedal, but it isn't too hard to trace per the schematic.
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    Duocast Ge specs

    https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/tubedepot/GT-OC71/2197-GT-OC71-ND/10490447 I used one from digikey in mine. If you aren't in a rush.
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    Thank you!
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    Hi I recently got some of these ICs as a part of a lot and have never really heard of them? Has any one ever used these before and are they usable in place of CD4049's? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    All work and no play

    It is actually paper that I mod podged on. Its a blue jean print that I deemed the "working man's tweed".
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    All work and no play

    Hats off to my wife for the idea and detail. If you have a tubescreamer of any sort. Toss it and build one of these.
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    All work and no play

    From left to right, frost drive, abider, animal, and 5f6 clone.
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    Bigger Muff Not Working

    Were the parts that were left out intentional? I haven't built this circuit before and am curious. Can you take a clean photo of the backside of the board for the group?
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    2N5485 Son of Ben

    Fair point. I'm in the process of going the surface mount route with 201s so I may swap in the near future.
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    2N5485 Son of Ben

    It's all I had on hand
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    2N5485 Son of Ben

    Ok good deal thanks!
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    2N5485 Son of Ben

    Looking to finish a Benson build and need some assistance. I have 2N5485's and just want to double check that they will work if installed according to the silkscreen on the board. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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    Teddy Rupture issues - low output

    Do you have a picture of the backside of the board? Maybe a cold joint on the solder? Pull the board out and take the best picture you can of the backside of the board as it will help the forum in troubleshooting.
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    Covert Overdrive JFET question

    https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Central-Semiconductor/PN4393-PBFREE?qs=OlC7AqGiEDnlEKOM7U%2FSaw%3D%3D Here are the ones I used on a tweedman build that called for those. Hope it helps.
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    Two Sticks of Derm

    Heck of a time stamp to post a fuzz pedal like that 🚬:ROFLMAO:
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    Break Street OD - Dead Silent (but Buffered Bypass Works)

    So you have an audio probe to poke around with on the audio path of the circuit? It may help until some other builders are able to chime in. It helped me quite a bit on a few of my builds this far.
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    I got a rat problem...

    And I couldn't be happier!
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    Tayda Coupon Code Thread

    Just FYI Aion is having a sale until the 6th. No disrespect just wanting to pass on the deals:)