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  1. StephanCOH

    Are 1N4118 and 1N4148 interchangeable?

    Thanks guys. The circuit calls for a 1n4148. I think it may be a clipping diode since it sits right beside a BS170. I'll try to get a 1n914 then.
  2. StephanCOH

    What are you listening to?

    I discovered the band "Other Lives" the other day. They just released a new album ("For Their Love", their fourth album so they are not a new band) and I absolutely love their sound. A bit of folk, psych, west-coast and americana. Looking to get some vinyl.
  3. StephanCOH

    Are 1N4118 and 1N4148 interchangeable?

    Will a 1N4148 work as a replacement for a 1N4118 or vice versa? I think I ordered a 4118 while the BOM says I should use a 4148.
  4. StephanCOH

    Do any of you play live, and what genre of music is it?

    Playing in a band called "Iron & Stone", stoner-/desertrock. Been recording a couple of EPs and an album and playing live a couple of times each year. Here is kind of a live video:
  5. StephanCOH

    Creepy Fingers The Balch

    Would love to build that. Pretty much all effects from Creepy Fingers are great.
  6. StephanCOH

    What is your favorite Overdrive ?

    I use an EQD Dunes (or "Oasis", as the kit is called) on my board, feeding my Jet City 50H and my Orange Dual Terror. It is a beautiful sounding OD with a lot of options. My LP with a P90 on the neck position and Volume dialed back a little sounds just glorious. Hairy, greasy, crunchy. My...
  7. StephanCOH


    +1 for the Oasis/Dunes or, if you really want to have all the options one could ever think of, the Palisades clone. The Dunes is the smaller version of the Palisades, but it gives you plenty of options already and it is just one lovely, juicy, screaming OD. Got it as an always-on pedal on my...
  8. StephanCOH

    MXR Brown Acid Fuzz

    Yeah, this seems to have not been properly released yet (at least there is not much to be found around the web), but the youtube vids I found sound amazing and I'd love to build one for our bassplayer to replace his bass-muff.
  9. StephanCOH

    Earthquaker Devices Night Wire

    The Twin Peaks Demo sounds amazing. Loving the "backwards"-sounds at around 3:30. Probably going to build one.
  10. StephanCOH

    Sea Horsey

    Those are "regular" sized resistors, right? Not the 1/8w one? Great idea.
  11. StephanCOH

    Earthquaker Devices Night Wire

    Lovin' the possibility to control trem-rate by pick attack. Any chance to get these done on pedalPCB?
  12. StephanCOH

    New DBA Phosphene Scream?

    Yes please!
  13. StephanCOH

    What "bench" reference information would be useful to you?

    Color Codes for resistor might be handy, though I prefer to just measure them if I am not sure what it is. What I look up EVERY SINGLE TIME is the pin-layout for pots. I just cannot remember that darn thing. Common voltages for ICs would be super cool.
  14. StephanCOH

    "Black Arts Toneworks Black Forest" version for Powersound Overdrive

    +1 for this one too. Or pretty much everything by BAT.
  15. StephanCOH

    Black Arts Toneworks Black Sheep

    Mentioned that too a while ago. So +1 for the Black Sheep.
  16. StephanCOH

    Parentheses Fuzz - GE diode

    If it is indeed the circuit from the EQD Tentacle, it probably does not add much that useful to the overall tone. I built a clone of it and tried to integrate it into my board about a year ago. I am tuned to C-Standard and play with a decent amount of fuzz and overdrive. On the lower frets it...
  17. StephanCOH

    Parentheses Fuzz - GE diode

    I still don't get it, why a "SUNN O)))" pedal of all things would need an octave up. It should be an octave down for me.
  18. StephanCOH

    Isolated Power Supply

    That would be great!
  19. StephanCOH

    Captain Bit

    That board-layout is so awesome!
  20. StephanCOH

    Tayda Pre-Drilled Enclosures

    Yes, they do sell pre-drilled enclosures for their kits, so they should be able to sell them individually too. I order all my stuff from them so it would be convenient to get the enclosures with the parts. They have a good customer-relations-management, they offer good service, nice contact and...