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    Nugget fuzz and buffer low volume

    Hello all I recently just finished building the nugget fuzz and c - buffer. I have low effect level when the switch is pressed. Also the LED seems to be always on. I checked for cold joints and possible bridging and didn't see anything. Any help is appreciated
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    Blackstone Appliances MOSFET overdrive

    Would be a good addition, pretty sure Madbean has a board of it too.
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    Walrus audio luminary V2

    Any chance of something similar?
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    Systech Overdrive

    We have the energizer why not the overdrive?
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    SIB echo drive

    I think this would be a good project for those who want a really good delay. The tube aspect is pretty cool too
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    Emanating fist electronics

    I know most of their pedals are on tagboard. Can we get the dope priest and a couple others?
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    Soldano GTO

    Here's the schematic, and the transformer can be sourced here: http://www.retroamplis.com/epages/62070367.mobile/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/62070367/Products/TRA-SOLGTO13VA&Locale=en_GB
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    ZVEX Double Rock

    Anyone have an idea for this one? I know the schematic for the SHO and Box of Rock. Wondering if maybe someone owns one? Thanks
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    Chicken head transistor

    Anyone know if a PNP transistor can be used if I flip the capacitor polarity? I have some OC44 transistors I want to use
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    Lovetone flange

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    Onboard boost

    Any chance to make an onboard boost? Just a toggle switch. Something like in the super eagle or the emg one
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    Daredevil effects atomic cock

    I got pictures from a guy today. Any chance you could make this? Daredevil Pedals Double Atomic Cock
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    Double tracker

    Has anyone built this yet? I want to know what it sounds like
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    Tycobrahe pedal flanger

    Any chance of this? I have a picture of the PCB