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  1. fydo

    XR2206CP Sources

    I am surprised to report that these probably fake ICs from AliExpress seemed to work just fine in my Echo Dream II build. Here's my build report!
  2. fydo

    NIGHTMARE - A Halloween build (DBA Echo Dream II)

    Hello friends! This build's spooky tale begins with a screwed up Tayda enclosure. I was intending to make a fancy abstract UV printed enclosure for an Into The Unknown PCB from Parasit Studio. Not only were the labels misaligned with the holes, but I somehow didn't realize the original drill...
  3. fydo

    Spaceman Sputnik II/III clone

    Wow! Absolutely fantastic, inside and out! Thank you for sharing
  4. fydo

    Timbre Man by HamishR, Chuck D. Bones, and MattG

    Thank you for all the kind comments and reacts! With regards to using momentary switches: Yep, all of @temol's points are correct. I'll also add that these momentary switches make maintenance way easier too. If the footswitch wears out/fails, it's only a matter of soldering two wires to get up...
  5. fydo

    Timbre Man by HamishR, Chuck D. Bones, and MattG

    Hello! Huge thanks to @HamishR, @Chuck D. Bones, and especially @MattG. This has been a long time coming! MattG was generous enough to send one of his PCBs back in May (Edit: actually it was April!). I almost had enough parts on hand to build it, but was just missing the relay, so I waited...
  6. fydo

    Transformer depth:

    Another idea, if you had access to a 3d printer or something that can cut acrylic, would be to make a shim that would fit between the enclosure and lid that would give you more vertical space. A quick search found this one (designed for LEDs but you get the idea)...
  7. fydo

    Wise Ass Sheep (SheepyLove circuit)

    Wow, this is stunning! Excellent work, @steviejr92! When are you going to start selling enclosures?? :D
  8. fydo

    THAT4301 Substitute?

    Not recently, but 2 years ago I grabbed one of these retrofit boards and it worked perfectly: Cheers!
  9. fydo

    SOLVED Blue Breaker no bias voltage

    Just to rule out another possibility, I will say that I've had problems before with using just electrical tape as a protective layer for potentiometers under the PCB. Sometimes the leads on the PCB side are sharp enough to poke right through that soft tape and cause a short. Good job on using...
  10. fydo

    New project stuff maybe?

    $25 is quite reasonable I think, considering all the effort! Curious though, would you consider selling a "finished enclosure" option at a higher price? I absolutely adore the pink "Live, Laugh, Love" design you've got going there. :)
  11. fydo

    New project stuff maybe?

    Really digging these new wireless pedals ;) Joking aside, that looks really cool!
  12. fydo

    The big catch up (Bass Klon, Ocelot, Timbre Man, Quadratron)

    Wow, these are all so great. Excellent work! Your Quadratron in particular has inspired me to dump my current idea for mine (I was trying to copy the colors/graphic of the original, but it keeps looking like a McDonald's design reject) and go for a "phases of the moon" type of direction...
  13. fydo

    Re: Decadence Preamp Elec Caps

    The PCB for Decadence Preamp calls for all 7 of the electrolytic caps to be rated at least 35V, so I wouldn't use 25V caps for this build. Hope that helps to clear things up!
  14. fydo

    Re: Decadence Preamp Elec Caps

    The ratings on the capacitors are a maximum rating, so you can safely use 50V when a 35V is called for. Just keep in mind that sometimes the higher rated caps are physically bigger, so it's a good idea to check the size in the specs/datasheet. Enjoy the build!
  15. fydo

    Switching direction of 4PDT

    The only way I could see this working is to do off-board wiring for the switch, reversing the order of the switch pins (and likely also off-board wiring the pots as well, so that you'll have room to run the wires under the board) Someone with more experience can hopefully chime in, but that's...
  16. fydo

    The Week on the Breadboard: Sabbra Cadabra

    Thank you for the information, @Feral Feline and @Chuck D. Bones. I appreciate it! I think I'll add this to my ever-expanding list of pedals I want to build. :)
  17. fydo

    The Week on the Breadboard: Sabbra Cadabra

    I hope this isn't a silly question, but is it possible to build this Boneyard version using the PPCB board, but with the different component values subbed in? Very curious to hear the improvements you've made!
  18. fydo

    Unnecessary Pad

    I'll clip them, but only if they are in the way. I didn't even realize they were removable!
  19. fydo

    TH Black Eye (Soldano GTO) prototype build

    Sorry to resurrect this older thread, I've just been working through my pedal backlog and wanted to share that I got my v1 Black Eye working with the newest buffer that @vigilante398 sent. It worked on the 2nd try! (On the first attempt I had forgotten to put the IC in the socket, haha) Happy...
  20. fydo

    Recommend me a pedal to sound like Tool

    I've done a bit of research on Adam Jones' rig in the past, and he uses a combination of 3 amps (2x Diezel VH4 and a Marshall) to get his sound. There's a fun diagram here: Based on that, if I had to make a single pedal recommendation: There...