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    Clapton Mid Boost BUT inside the guitar

    I have an old, genuine Fender circuit for mid boost that I am not going to use. I have taken a few transistors off of it, but happy to send it your way. It would be easy to replace the missing parts and throw it in your guitar. If interested, send me a message.
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    Reverberation DBA by MOONN ELECTRONICS

    If it is over heating, the issue maybe related. I would check the voltages on it.
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    Reverberation DBA by MOONN ELECTRONICS

    I do not know if this is the issue, but I had this problem with another pedal. Your power regulator is different from the suggested part. Make sure that the pinout is correct.
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    DEMO Lectric-FX Polychorus

    This looks like a fun build. Thanks for the info about the BBD chips!
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    Karaoke Chorus

    I really like this chorus. It is based on the Boss CE-1. To me, it is smoother than a CE-2. The vibrato is a nice touch. Recently, I have made a few vibe like pedals (Altered State and Viib), but I think I like this vibe best. My one wish is for the vibe rate to go slower. If you all know of any...
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    Gerkin Fuzz

    Great fuzz! It is fairly straightforward and sounds great. That being said, I still prefer my bayonet fuzz. The art was done with AI, but I liked amalgamation of pie and a circuit.
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    Conspiracy to Commit Electronics- Particle Accelerator and Diplomat

    Good question. Let’s include @vigilante398. He is the genius behind these circuit boards.
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    GuitarPCB paradox and buffer

    Perfect and thanks!
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    GuitarPCB paradox and buffer

    I am making the GuitarPCB Paramix. Does anyone know if it is buffered? Thanks!
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    CCE King of Nothing 👑

    Great pedal! It has a really nice tone. The range of the gain is perfect. I did not find any significant difficulties with this build. C3 and C4 are socketed to experiment, using some advice from @music6000. Right now, I have it made as the instructions. Enjoy!
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    Acetylene Overdrive

    I am perpetually searching for the Vox in a box sound. I should bite the bullet and build the amp, but I really don't have the room to accommodate another amp. However, pedals are so much easier to hide from the wife... I have built the Victory Copper clone and the Catalinbread Galileo. I...
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    GPCB Sabotage

    Nice job. Your solder looks fantastic. Great report.
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    Moonn Electronics- Space is Fun

    I don’t have the pedal anymore (so I can test it), but I recall it being a darker pedal. I tried several opamps, but I didn’t think there was much difference between them.
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    Lectric fx Altered State Phaser

    Maybe one of my favorite quotes from the forum. 🤣
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    Lectric fx Altered State Phaser

    I know that @Fingolfen and @DGWVI both posted some great reports, so I won't duplicate their information. However, I will share my trials with this pedal, and hopefully, it will help others (if they make the same mistakes).... This pedal was more difficult that others. Some of the issues were...
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    Event Horizon, or a Rotobone puts on a space suit

    Fantastic job. Really like the ingenuity and design!
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    Kings Hand

    Ha! Love it. I decided to embrace my faux pas. It is one of my favorite pedals. By the way, doesn’t the unique spelling make it boutique?!?
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    Kings Hand These were hand measurements, so use with caution. The drill template hasn’t been verified. I think the pot came from Stompboxparts.
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    Lectric FX Altered Phaser extra cap question

    Lectric FX Altered Phaser’s build docs have 3 100n caps to include for “extra filtering.” How will this alter the sound? The caps are not found on the schematic. Thanks!
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    REQUEST Equilux Mini

    Great job and thanks!