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  1. Robert


    The FV-1 patch "FIL001 - LoFi Machine" has aliasing, hi-pass filtering, and detuning all in one.
  2. Robert

    Mastema Resistor Values

    Nope, not typos, but you can round to the nearest available value.
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    mA meter tester/questions

    R101 isn't present in the original. Current is dumped directly to ground from the charge pump through D105, and as much as I don't like to change things, I can't stress how bad of a design choice that is. You can jumper R101 if you want to give it a shot, but expect D105 to get warm for no...
  4. Robert

    Sandblaster Fuzz

    Measure at the center lug of the bias toggle switch for all three settings. Set the bias for the Middle position first.
  5. Robert

    Feature request: PCB search by number feature

    It's a bit more up to date now.
  6. Robert

    Sandblaster Fuzz

    Bias voltages as measured from the original: Center - 2.09V Up - 5.81V Down - 4.18V
  7. Robert

    Using a 2 way switch on woodpecker tremolo

    Yes, it'll work, you'll just be missing the fastest setting. If you want to exchange one of the slower rates for the fastest rate just omit C7 (slowest) or C8 (medium).
  8. Robert

    5TH "Test" program on FV-1 chip solution? (will this work?)

    You'll have to experiment with the values. R2 will need to be significantly larger than R1 so that the voltage on T0 is still high enough to be considered a logic high. If all else fails I'll see if I still have that Workstation pedal and can take a peek at how it's done there.
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    What's on the workbench?

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    5TH "Test" program on FV-1 chip solution? (will this work?)

    Something as simple as this might work, but C1 might not discharge fast enough to cause a 0 state on T0... In that case you'll want to trigger it with a transistor/RC filter delay. I'm not sure if I still have the trace but it seems like there's something along those lines in the Keeley Delay...
  11. Robert

    5TH "Test" program on FV-1 chip solution? (will this work?)

    This may be a mechanical issue... It could be that the reload is being triggered at the same instant that all EEPROMs are in a disabled state. It might be necessary to add some circuitry to hold the Int/Ext pin in the Internal state for a slightly longer period. (RC filter or simple...
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    XC phase noise

    Breaking the path of R19 should accomplish the Vibe mod. I believe others have corrected the "swoosh" by using TL022 opamps (in one or more positions).
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    4 Tap DC Converter/Isolator Mockup Pedal - Arriving Soon!

    I do plan to have some in stock in the near future.
  14. Robert

    Hi im new to FV-1 and Eeproms and i need help.

    You can still use SpinASM to compile code, you just have to use a different application to flash it to the EEPROM using the CH341. There is some information here that might help you, the PedalPCB FV-1 Development PCB is CH341 based so it should be similar to your setup...
  15. Robert

    PPCB Scabbard and Aion Penumbra

    Not sure if you were aware of this, or just pure coincidence...
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    Phase II : Low Pass, Vibrato and 2 stages mods

    You can use a DPDT ON/ON/ON to select between 2/4/6 stages.
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    What's on the workbench?

    It's traced and the layout is started.
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    Missing Build Docs / Schematics

    The pots are spaced further apart. I believe the closest existing template is the Crunch Captain Deluxe, omitting the center column of pots.
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    Missing Build Docs / Schematics

    I thought you were talking about the Comprehensive Drive. I was like "Huh? It's already up". :ROFLMAO: It's on my list, just a few head of it.
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    Not sure exactly how I feel about this

    "Your Honor, I'd like to draw your attention to Exhibit A. This is clearly not a case of infringement, my PCB does not include the © symbol."