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  1. Feral Feline

    What's on the workbench?

    "Lee" who? Seriously. Who?
  2. Feral Feline

    What's on the workbench?

    Trying to find an Ictineo/Sub-Designer demo was harder than finding hensteeth.
  3. Feral Feline

    Poison Apple Auto-Wah - With a Mod for Bass

    I gleebed it from the LG SnoWah Flake: So build the PedalPCB 3-Channel Splitter and use one of its outputs to trigger the Poison Apple. If that's too much, you could buiild a smaller splitter on perf or vero and include it in the same box as the Poison Apple — make sure it has a loop so you...
  4. Feral Feline

    RAT op amp question

    If you need more low end in your Rat, I recommend the GTranter mods.
  5. Feral Feline

    RAT op amp question

    Digging your avatar @radam84 !
  6. Feral Feline

    Drebbel Bass Preamp/EQ Mockup Pedal - Available Now!

    Rare? You talkin' bout the pedal or the build doc?😜 PS: Chicken's teeth are upside down
  7. Feral Feline

    Bass DI pedalboard

    I meant to put in a link to your Oshpark stuff, but was lazy; Thanks for the github follow up.
  8. Feral Feline

    4uzz - 4 classic fuzzes, 1 box

    Collossal effort, Bravo! "4uzz" — GREAT name. Love the little graphics for the silicon and germanium transistors for the fuzz face. Killer sounds. Really cool build.
  9. Feral Feline

    RAT op amp question

    Socket the IC and the compensating cap — then you can audition all sorts of ICs, and even experiment with different values of the compensation cap. It's great to try a completely stock Rat as a baseline, but if your ears like the TL071 or prefer the BJFE-ish tones of a CA3130 then so be it and...
  10. Feral Feline

    Bass DI pedalboard

    What do budding bass players need? UTILITY UTILITY UTILITY !!! Echoing Passinwind to some extent... In order of most usefulness in my limited gigging experience: HPF: Her. very. first. pedal. you. build. = HPF. Cannot state this strongly enough. Staunch believer in a good HPF. Could be a...
  11. Feral Feline

    MBP Mysterioso and Wet Bar

    Hot DAMN I'm digging your Mysterioso. Graphic, font choice, knob choice — all CHOICE! Love where the switch is situated. Got any pics of it glowin'? I'm digging the Wet Bar, too. I'm planning on Dymotaping at least one build if not more, just haven't decided what, but that Mysterioso... 😻...
  12. Feral Feline

    DEMO Lead Solder Overdrive

    Beautiful gutshot! Good looking build; Thanks for the Demo! Good incentive to get goin' on mine.
  13. Feral Feline

    Will This Work? (3PDT PCB Question)

    Doesn't sound ridiculous at all. I've floated boards with all offboard wiring to get the Pot arrangement how I want it, not how the PCB-designer wanted it. Or changing things to fit a graphic on the face of the pedal or... lotsa reasons to do the things we do.
  14. Feral Feline

    Rosamp SLO 30 build

    LOVE the build. 😻 Love the purple tolex with black grill and white face-plate. Excellent build-report. Your English is better than some of my friends native to Yorkshire.
  15. Feral Feline

    Will This Work? (3PDT PCB Question)

    Please edit your post as above to include a link to the thread mentioned. Cross-referencing helps when trouble-shooting, modding, etc. Did I link the correct thread? I'm curious about how you're using the off-brand 3PDT daughterboards with PPCB main boards. Whether you jumper anything depends...
  16. Feral Feline

    Reverberation DBA by MOONN ELECTRONICS

    In the photos the regulator looks like its centre-pin is not very well soldered. I'd also take a DMM and test for continuity where there shouldn't be any — may be a short somewhere that's not easily eyeballed, such as under the IC-socket. I'm curious about your capacitor observations and...
  17. Feral Feline

    Why doesn’t everyone use 9mm pots?!?

    At one point, I thought of swapping over to 9mm exclusively, but that would mean learning to lay out my own PCBs and having to offboard wire existing PCBs laid out for 16mm. As for 12mm, I've only ever seen them spec'd in BYOC kits. How about 9mm trim-pots? My friend's Tube Zone OD is back on...
  18. Feral Feline

    Muroidea [2nd build]

    You could still use the "upside down" 3PDT, just gotta make sure you wire it correctly to the PCB — the wires will cross each other and not look as tidy, but better to use it than throw it away or risk toasting the 3PDT trying to desolder — and then having to throw it away. Even though...
  19. Feral Feline

    What's on the workbench?

    Yes, according to some old research on TalkBass I'd completely forgotten about, at least one version of the Submarine had a toggle that matched the later Submarine Designer's ULTRABASS. BTB, the links in above TB link are link-incontinentals, ie Os' Ziebek site is no longer online ie dead, but...