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    Effects Layouts Prismatic EQ (Boss GE-7)

    Taking a closer look at my pictures, I realized I used a relay with the wrong voltage - I used a 3v relay, it should be a 5v relay. The TQ2 datasheet says max allowable voltage is 150% of rated voltage, which would be 4.5v... I'm giving it 5v, although it's actually less than 5v due to the...
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    Effects Layouts Prismatic EQ (Boss GE-7)

    I just completed the Effects Layouts Prismatic EQ, which is based on the Boss GE-7 graphic equalizer. Not a lot to say about this circuit, for me it's in the boring but essential utility category. I mainly use an EQ pedal for a deliberate mid-hump solo boost. I have the real commercial Boss...
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    Seabed Delay (clone of Deep Blue Delay)

    How are were you typically using your DM-2w, now Seabed? Did you put them side by side and compare? Just curious. I also recently built a Seabed, with the possibility of replacing my DM-2w. I love the DM-2w, I didn't want to replace it for any reason other than having my board populated with...
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    Muroidea (ProCo Rat)

    The good ol' ProCo Rat. It's probably not far beyond the Tubescreamer as one of the most long-lived, popular, and talked-about circuits. Highly versatile, from overdrive all the way to borderline fuzz. Simple three-knob operation. Simple circuit. Here's my build of the PedalPCB Muroidea...
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    AionFX Tachyon (Boss SD-2 Lead Mode)

    Boss used to make the SD-2, which was a two-in-one overdrive/distortion pedal, conceptually similar to their current-production Angry Driver. The two modes were "crunch" and "lead". AionFX offers a PCB of the lead mode: Tachyon Amp Overdrive. This pedal rips! I wish Boss would bring this...
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    PedalPCB Seabed Delay (Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay)

    Here's my Seabed Delay. At one time, I planned to build two of these into a single enclosure, so I could have one as an always-on slapback delay, and the second for whatever random longer delays. So I ordered two boards; that was a long time ago. I forgot about those plans, and had later...
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    What's on the workbench?

    If it measures amps, it's an ammeter. Does that mean, if it measures milliamps, it's a "mammeter"? If so, we need some kind of mammary gland themed name for it! ;)
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    Two Byzantium Flangers (Boss BF-2)

    Thanks for that, it's super helpful! Nice to know the "background whoosh" is normal - knowing that, I'll play with the trimpots a bit more and see if I can further improve the sound. Although I'm super happy with the sound even now.
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    Two Byzantium Flangers (Boss BF-2)

    I'm in a phase of trying to downsize and simplify my pedalboard, and came across this video: How To Get 6 Modulation Effects From a Basic Flanger Pedal Like The Boss BF-2 by Michael Banfield. So I researched the Boss BF-2, only to find it's no longer made (replaced by the digital BF-3). And...
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    A simple Relay Bypass

    Here is one such example. ;) PedalPCB has a latching relay bypass board that uses an NE555 (instead of a microcontroller) to maintain state and react to momentary switch presses. I think the NE555 could be replaced with a couple inverters (e.g. cd40106 or 74hc14) with a circuit like this. I...
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    Yet another Colorsound Power Booster

    I think I'm finally done building these. At least that's what I'm telling myself! I've built way too many versions of this circuit now. Most recently, PedalPCB's Powersound Overdrive. And before that: first was the Aion Nucleus, then the Madbean Meatqlaw, and a PB clone on my own PCB. Here...
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    Missing Build Docs / Schematics

    Thank you! Although, now that I actually looked at the PCB, it's pretty obvious! I just proved that old saying that goes something like, "Better to remain silent and appear ignorant, rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt."
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    Missing Build Docs / Schematics

    Which resistor on the Byzantium Flanger is the LED current limiting resistor? I use these ultra-bright/high efficiency LEDs that need a bigger CLR. Usually I can deduce the CLR on PPCB boards, but I'm taking the lazy route this time around. :)
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    Dynamic Haircut - DIY Barber Gain Changer clone

    I found the boards! I have seven. They were actually in a bag of stuff destined for the electronic recycling center, so I'm doubly glad to see them get used! Anyone who wants one, PM me your address and I'll get them in the mail to you. Check out @MichaelW's build with this board if you...
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    Dynamic Haircut - DIY Barber Gain Changer clone

    I should have some, somewhere. The challenge is finding them! If I can find them, you (and anyone else, while supplies last) can have one. I'll try to remember to check in the next few days.
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    Definitive bass-cut mod for the Boss OD-3?

    I would suggest trying an EQ both in front of and behind the OD-3, you might prefer pre- or post-drive bass cut. I haven't yet tried Chuck's C33 mod, but I've tried other random OD-3 bass reduction mods, and didn't like them because while they did reduce bass, they also reduced some of the mojo...
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    This Week on the Breadboard: Boss OD-3

    As for diodes in the feedback loop of a CMOS stage: check out the RunOffGroove 22/7. They use a CD4049 to implement a Big Muff, with dioes in the feedback loop. I haven't built one of these, but hope to some day. But in my idea, this is actually where I would deviate from the OD-3: omit the...
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    This Week on the Breadboard: Boss OD-3

    In the Kanengomibako schematic you posted, it shows the power supply and switching circuits. In the power supply, are Q7, R30 and C26 a capacitance multiplier? I believe the BD-2 also employs a capacitance multiplier. I assume the idea is to reduce power supply ripple (moreso than the more...
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    DEMO 401k Compressor (Keeley 4 Knob Compressor)

    How about compared to the General Tso?
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    Powersound Overdrive (Colorsound Overdriver)

    I’m assuming you’re referring to the grey blocks in the middle of the effect PCB? Those are just capacitors - big ones in my inventory from some past project(s). I have a bunch of wacky sized components that are generally too big to use in guitar effects… but sometimes I get lucky and the PCB...