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  1. DeadAirMD

    Your favorite sushi box fx pedal to date?

    Yeah man definitely! If there was a way to make that 1 channel I can switch on/off, that would be stellar! As a single pedal straight into an amp, it's absolutely stunning. But with 25+ pedals on my board, having access to only the distortion/overdrive channel would be ideal. Still need to...
  2. DeadAirMD

    Your favorite sushi box fx pedal to date?

    "The Ambassador. Has a drive/distortion unlike anything I’ve ever heard. It’s amazing. The but is-the always on clean channel just doesn’t work with my brighter vox style amp." @vigilante398 is there a way to reconfigure this so that the Ambassador is bypasses when off, so that it's not always on?
  3. DeadAirMD

    Special Porpoise Fuzz

    Dude, awesome!!!! It's literally the Space Ocean pedal. The cosmic dolphin noises followed by the seagulls at the very end. Noice!
  4. DeadAirMD

    Transistor selection

    J201 2N5088 2N3904 BS170 MPSA18 2N3906 2N7000 2N5457 2N2222 These will take you almost everywhere. I'm sure other people here will have a better list and/or better explanation of why you need what you need. Also, J201 smd is majorly cost effective and waaay easier to get ahold of.
  5. DeadAirMD

    DEMO Frantone Creampuff (vero) & Fornicus OD

    Those look great! Especially love the leopard print. Take it or leave it, but I think customers would appreciate having the the knobs labeled in some way. I don't label any of my pedals because they are all only for personal use, but I could see people who aren't into diy bitching about not...
  6. DeadAirMD

    Missing Build Docs / Schematics

    Definitely curious about the sizing for the standoffs. Already drilled the enclosure and the board is pretty snug, but would like to figure out what size screw/standoff/ mounting hardware fits those holes
  7. DeadAirMD

    Should I let my pregnant wife help me populate PCBs?

    Man I would LOVE to have someone populate my boards while I'm at work so all I had to do was solder when I got home. My PPCB backlog is over 25 right now so having your wife in my life would be HUGE! It's always the best when your significant other takes interest in your hobbies. Man, I'd be...
  8. DeadAirMD

    Mystery machine rotary switch question.

    Just always remember, every potentiometer, toggle, and rotary always go on the opposite side of the components. The few exceptions are trim pots and some slide toggles. That is because it makes for "easy" access when opening the back of the pedal to tweak parameters. In a few cases, I wire a...
  9. DeadAirMD

    D&M Drive

    @SillyOctpuss "I might check out the aion project in the meantime while I wait for a d&m from you." Are you just referring to the Aion Klon board? I looked for a D&M there and didn't see anything.
  10. DeadAirMD


    Man........that is some beyond sick artwork. Amazing job!
  11. DeadAirMD

    Double Overdrive choices

    Derailer > OCD is my jam! Fuck this thing RIPS! Also not interested in the pot mods for the Derailer, my amp/neighbors aren't afraid of the blast
  12. DeadAirMD

    Bulk buying components

    Here ya go........
  13. DeadAirMD

    Blu Tack vs Blue Painters Tape

    Over their head, if you're looking for more precise directions.
  14. DeadAirMD

    Blu Tack vs Blue Painters Tape

    I painted professionally for years until I finally found a better job that didn't require me to work weekends. The color of tape determines it's adhesiveness. Yellow is the least, then Blue, Green, then Orange being the most adhesive and sticks to rough surfaces. I've never used tac ever so I...
  15. DeadAirMD

    Moonn Electronics Fuzzhead stoner bee build docs

    I feel ya man......I placed an order 2 months ago, sent him an email a month later. He emailed me back a few weeks after that and then I got an email saying my order was shipped, but with no tracking. That was 3 weeks ago......still haven't received the pcbs. Fortunately/unfortunately, I...
  16. DeadAirMD

    AionFX Lumitron Resonant Filter (Mu-tron III) This guy takes requests and jams to Grateful Dead songs, he's pretty entertaining. He has spent a lot of time trying to dial in Jerry's tone and he has a video about the envelope filter and settings he uses.
  17. DeadAirMD

    Can you guess what this distortion is?

    I literally can't even see one single component value at all. Can't even make out one resistor value. With a picture that dark/blurry, it's anyone's guess to what that could be..... So I guess it's a Boss HM-2......
  18. DeadAirMD

    Median Compressor PCB - Available Now!

    Yeah I definitely love the Aion Meridian I built a while back. Ton of fun being able to dial between even/odd harmonics for solos