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  1. Fuzzonaut

    Octave Fuzz For Bass

    Yeah, Ocelot for octave down. I'd ditch the -2 octave though. Pair that with the Hyped Fuzz. Adding an order switch should be cool, sure, and really cool would be a series/parallel switch. I'm a bass player and have a meatbox type of thing running in parallel with an octave up fuzz - it sounds...
  2. Fuzzonaut

    Scabbard OD

    I've built this using the BoM that Robert gave us. The Scabbard is a unique and versatile OD with a powerful (shelving) EQ section. There are 2 OP07 in there and the GE diodes I used (D9B) had a forward voltage of 0,3V (don't know about leakage). Sounds great on bass and guitar.
  3. Fuzzonaut

    Harmonic Energizer (or Engine or Generator)

    The PCB (from is actually called Harmonic Engine and it is a clone of the Harmonic Generator, a projekt by Paul Williams, published in Electronics & Music Maker Magazine back in 1981. This circuit uses the 4046 PLL chip (and a lot of others). The squarewave can be set to...
  4. Fuzzonaut

    Special Porpoise Fuzz

    Well, I knew what I was getting into with this one - my guitar player has an Antichton but didn't keep it on his board .... (we did get it out for A/B ing, more or less the same, but slightly different) Fuzz and tremolo? Maybe ... but ... I mean ... uhm ... let's say, it's not another tube...
  5. Fuzzonaut

    Meatballs are the best pizza topping. Fight me! (Aion Lovetone Meatball)

    Wow. That's a lot of jacks. And about the pizza topping :p
  6. Fuzzonaut

    Depth Charge (on vero)

    Thanks! And yeah, there should be a PCB, I actually put it into the wishlist a while ago (including Reznor reference). :)
  7. Fuzzonaut

    Depth Charge (on vero)

    Depth Charge bass fuzz (by Prescription Electronics) I always wanted to try one, buying never happened, a PCB didn't show up either, so finally, I went with vero, according to the dirtbox layout. Transistors are all 2N2222A (metal cans, except the matched Q4 and Q5, don't believe the pic) and...
  8. Fuzzonaut


    This fretless, Rok Axe 😆
  9. Fuzzonaut

    Submersible/Frequency Interchange

  10. Fuzzonaut


    I'm a fan of the Buzzaround and have build a few variations of that circuit (Fuzzdog, D*A*M, Dunwich, and the Dizzy Elk, if that counts ... and maybe even more). So, when I saw that the mastermind @Chuck D. Bones was giving the circuit his treatment in the Boneyard, I read that thread and then...
  11. Fuzzonaut


    So, this has been sitting in my box of shame for a looooong time ... and recently, I felt like giving it another shot. I had audio entering the FV1 but nothing coming out of it and the trick to get to the internal FV1 programms didn't work either. Anyway, more about that old attempt at trouble...
  12. Fuzzonaut

    Deadendfx Amnesia // SSBS No Memory

    Oh, wow, that's a beauty! And kudos for using a BB, that would give me claustrophopia. :ROFLMAO:
  13. Fuzzonaut

    Sushi Box Bass Dude

    Here's my Bass Dude, sounds glorious. I wanted the Gain to stay clean for at least 50% and then get into OD territory, so I put a 12AY7 / 6072A into V1 ... and a 7025 WA in V2, both from TAD. Turned out pretty good, here are some notes on the E string to illustrate. quick test of the gain...
  14. Fuzzonaut

    Celestial Screamer

    Damn, your makes me go and
  15. Fuzzonaut

    Cleric Muff + Witchcraft Synth

    Another Muff? Sure, why not, there's no such thing as too many muffs. The filter options are an interesting add-on to the circuit. There are different cool sounds in that box. It's not my favourite muff circuit, but still adds something new. Easy build, although the type 2 switch needed some...
  16. Fuzzonaut

    Super Heterodyne - Divebomb sound with no input

    Audio Probe? Easy to DIY: You need one 1/4″ mono plug, one 100nF capacitor, an alligator clip and some wire.
  17. Fuzzonaut

    (PedalPCB) Ottava Octave Fuzz

    aka Lastgasp Art Laboratories Octavella. Pretty unruly octave fuzz that shreds your signal to pieces. Let me borrow the Deadend blurb, as it fits so nicely: "This circuit takes your signal, converts it to a filthy fuzz, drags it's nails across a chalkboard, and then adds a screaming octave to...
  18. Fuzzonaut

    Two Tone FUZZ VOICE TOGGLE ON/ON/ON? t1 or T2

    Just check the middle position to make sure.
  19. Fuzzonaut

    (Vero) Pladask Elektrisk Odd Amplitude Modulator Noise Synth

    A ring modulator based on Tim Escobedos Thing Modulator with Starve control, hard clipping diodes, crossover distortion diodes and a feedback switch. I messed things up, fried the LM567, messed more things up while trying to fix things and added a boost at the output. It sounds terrible, don't...
  20. Fuzzonaut

    Drebbel - bass preamp/EQ

    This one is based on the Southampton Ictineo which itself claims to be a 1:1 copy of the Zeibek Designer Submarine. A preamp/EQ for bass - that was good enough to consider it - but it's probably @Mentaltossflycoon fault that I actually built this, after reading his build report. ;) Although...