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  1. PunchySunshine

    Spatialist arachnid v2

    My first fv1 pedal. I've only played it a little but it really does sound great!
  2. PunchySunshine

    Long 6/32 screw broke off in powder-coated enclosure hole, stuck

    Reverse drill bit. I had to get a set when I broke the whammy bar off on my old strat as a teenager. I've only ever used it three times in forty years but worth it every time!
  3. PunchySunshine

    Best Quotes from Amp & Pedal Manuals

    Looks like $0.10-$0.50 a piece for just the seeds though.
  4. PunchySunshine

    Paragon Wiring
  5. PunchySunshine

    Power Supply recommendations? (Anything inexpensive and reliable?)

    That's some SERIOUS sag!
  6. PunchySunshine

    Paragon Channel 1 vs 2

    If I understand you correctly, it's my understanding that it's the opposite of that. Looking at the pedal on the floor, right goes into left for me but it would be the opposite if you've got it open from the bottom. :D
  7. PunchySunshine

    Which soldering iron do you like?

    +1 on this one. I've had mine for nine years now and only replaced the tip once. I'd like a fancy shmancy one but only for my delicate ego.
  8. PunchySunshine

    Blu Tack vs Blue Painters Tape

    I tried blu tack but it was just a mess for me. I prefer kapton tape but I'll still use painters tape sometimes.
  9. PunchySunshine

    Cable for Guitar & Speaker Cabinets

    It seems to be a common theme these days.....:mad::mad:
  10. PunchySunshine

    Spatialist Reverb

    Ikr! Those twisted coming off the pots! And the texture of it all. So solid
  11. PunchySunshine

    Recommendations for live jam software to jam with buddies over the net.

    Reaper has an extension available for multiple source jamming over the web that I used during the 'vid. It uses a click track so I don't know if I could call it "jammin" but it works.
  12. PunchySunshine

    SOLVED! Lowering B+ on a 5F11 Vibrolux clone (fixed bias woes)

    Rather than dropping, I would start at the source and find out why the b+ is running hot like that. Is it the tranny or rectification? Just my two cents.
  13. PunchySunshine

    I’ve Got An Extra 1590BB lid. Need Ideas

    If you drill holes for the the opposite versions of the connectors you use most, you can then mount them in and have a nice heatsink/jack stand for making cables. I personally use 1/4, 1/8, 2.1, and xt60 the most. Add some banana jacks for easy testing too.
  14. PunchySunshine

    Anyone built rack units?

    rev D. I wish there could be group buy for these dang fairy dusted transformers.
  15. PunchySunshine

    Anyone built rack units?

    I was just looking at hairball audio and their 1176....again
  16. PunchySunshine

    Cataclysm Delay

    Nice build! I noticed it on the font before the knobs but the two tone is totally working for me! I built two of these and I use the first one for a slap back and the second for longer times, combined they do a nice ping pong.
  17. PunchySunshine

    Practice room setup

    Have you looked at the Bose L1 system? It works wonderfully well. If I were starting over I would consider it. I'm not a fan a using my studio monitors for any kind of jamming monitoring as I've seen too many turn into the "turn it up a little" contest. I like to use my monitors for...
  18. PunchySunshine

    Crate V33 head powering issue (gut shots included)

    I can read that schematic! What I would do is start at the bottom left and work up to the diodes checking the inductors and every single component and trace. If you make it to the transformer without finding anything, I would start from the output voltages on the right and work backwards from...