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  1. Mothman

    Isosceles Boost noise issue with the trebble pot ccw anyone?

    I experimented this malfunction many times. Your tl071 is fake, change it and problem will be solved
  2. Mothman

    Sources for THAT 4301?

    They work fine
  3. Mothman

    Sources for THAT 4301?

    You can find on AliExpress
  4. Mothman

    What's on the workbench?

    what happened with the alpha omicron? not gonna see the light? :(
  5. Mothman

    Pathogen build docs

    Hi! I would love to build this, but as I wait for the pcb is available I would like to buy the BOM, maybe watch scheme too
  6. Mothman

    Darkglass Alpha Omega

    Great preamp distortion I would love to build
  7. Mothman

    What's on the workbench?

    Any news on this? I love it!
  8. Mothman

    KSR Ceres

    Still waiting for it
  9. Mothman

    6-band EQ

    What happen if I use common potentiometers?
  10. Mothman

    Ksr Ceres preamp

    Still waiting for it
  11. Mothman

    Tyrian squeels

    I mean that all the controls work fine in their parameters, but is that squeelign. I am using a pedal tester for the pcb, but I don't really think that shielded wire will cancel this, is too much I think
  12. Mothman

    Tyrian squeels

    I've built this one and works alright except that it squeels a lot even in lower gains. Any tips?
  13. Mothman

    How to avoid drive in the obsidious?

    I am building a tonestack for this and want to make it a preamp with optional drive
  14. Mothman

    How to avoid drive in the obsidious?

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to turn on/off the drive to use it as a clean preamp with optional drive. Any suggestions?
  15. Mothman

    A solution when That4301 reaches end of stock

    Hi! Found this article wich shows hoy to do a "diy" 4301 with the most close replacement for the critical part (4305) 2 opamps and 2 resistors. Also they leave some images of a daughter board to make it tht. I hope it will be useful to someone...
  16. Mothman

    KSR Ceres

  17. Mothman

    Dwarven hammer gate.

    maybe it could be in a daughter board to add
  18. Mothman

    Dwarven hammer gate.

    Waiting for the gated version too!
  19. Mothman

    Fortin Grind & programmable footswitch

    Wich booster is in wich toggle position? I´d like to put a graphic on my build but don´t know wich is wich one
  20. Mothman

    Any chance to have the Darkglass b7k ultira or alpha omega?

    Any bass preamp for djent