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  1. pcb rookie

    Tayda Electronics - shipping

    What I find more frustrating than taxes/duties are the fix rate brokerage fee that can add up quicker than our usual 10-15% taxes/duties. At least hen ordering through the US, I'll usually use USPS and get away without duties or brokerage fees.
  2. pcb rookie

    Overdrive Preamp 250 (vero)

    That's cool! I have not tried the veroboard builds yet. That's a clean build. The face plate came out great! I'll let you know next time I place an order. You can tag along again if the timing is right for you!
  3. pcb rookie


    Sorry to hear about this story but I'm glad to hear she is fairly ok under these circumstance. We have nothing more precious than our children so I can only image how the last week as been!
  4. pcb rookie

    Double PCB template in 1590XX

    I have to move this project to next week but I've taken all your recommendation and will put the template together. I'll post it once I'm done! Thanks again!
  5. pcb rookie

    Double PCB template in 1590XX

    Getting ready for my first double PCB in a 1590XX (King tone dualist / Soloist). Anyone would have a drill template for two single PedalPCB's mounted in a 1590XX? I'll be designing my graphics in illustrator If not, any advises would be welcome on how I should center the drill hole?
  6. pcb rookie

    Yin Yang Machine, Univibe in a Wah shell.

    Very impressive design. I love how you played with all these different material. You though of every details. The assembly is probably the cleanest I have ever seen. Raise de bar they say!
  7. pcb rookie

    Lenora Boost Mouser/DigiKey Parts list?

    Got it. I use Yaego 1/4w 1%tolerance 6.3mm long. They fit perfectly on the PCB. I believe the series I've been using is the MFR but i'm not certain...
  8. pcb rookie

    Chop Shop & Spirit Box (with sound clips)

    Looks like you make a good team!
  9. pcb rookie

    Chop Shop & Spirit Box (with sound clips)

    They both look amazing. I agree with you that the Chop Shop is just incredible!! What is the process used to create this wonderful piece of art?
  10. pcb rookie

    Abider/Dude C25k question

    Curious to ear back about the results .... I've been wondering about this for a while!
  11. pcb rookie

    Protoboard Micro for testing Transistors and LED Res.

    I'm looking for a convenient way to test transistors Hfe .... and led resistor value for required brightness. Would the Protoboard Micro be a good platform to acheive this?
  12. pcb rookie

    Lenora Boost Mouser/DigiKey Parts list?

    Page two of this document is the closest you will find to a list of component needed but there are no digikey/mouser specific list available to my knowledge: What is your level of knowledge on part sourcing? If you need, I can help with the basics...
  13. pcb rookie

    reading smaller value caps outside tolerance

    Thank you all or your input!
  14. pcb rookie

    reading smaller value caps outside tolerance

    Curious about the readings i'm getting on lower value caps. Before I begin, I understand I'm not using high $ value devices. This might just be the limit of these devices so I might being trying to be too critical understanding what I'm working with. I'm just wondering if I could expect better...
  15. pcb rookie

    Led tubes

    Very nice!
  16. pcb rookie

    The Chase for GE transistor

    If you are not in a hurry, I'll keep you posted when I receive them. I expect it's going to take a moment or two ...
  17. pcb rookie

    The Chase for GE transistor

    I ordered some from Ukraine a couple days ago. I did get a noticed that they have shipped. If I do get them, I would be happy to send you a set. If I don't get them, well it's too bad for me and you but I'll just tell my self that I have shared a couple of dollars to someone that probably...
  18. pcb rookie

    Basic Workflow Tips for Building a PedalPCB

    Happened to me a couple of times. I now use razor blade to cut the socket strips and it makes a nice clean cut. Never had any problems since.
  19. pcb rookie

    Multiple modulation modules, oh my!

    I love the design you did on the chorus. The foot controlled phase 90 is next level 😲😲😲! Amazingly cool 😎
  20. pcb rookie


    And this would be the perfect fit beind a neck strait edge ruller for guitar neck releise adjustmemmt!!!! Two bird …. And possibly more with one stone