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  1. mkstewartesq

    What's on the workbench?

    Thanks, Robert! M
  2. mkstewartesq

    What's on the workbench?

    I’ve been waiting for this – are there build documents available to make sure I buy the right parts (I don’t see them on the website yet)?
  3. mkstewartesq

    DEMO Face Melter Demo

    Nice in-depth, helpful demo! Thanks! Mike
  4. mkstewartesq

    Spatialist - clean sound, no effect at all

    Here you go. Easiest, most useful project I ever built. M
  5. mkstewartesq

    1590BB Tayda Coordinates for MBP Current Lover?...

    I’m sure this is probably pretty identical to Big Monk’s, but this is the one I created for a friend which was spot on. Tayda Current Lover drill template.
  6. mkstewartesq

    DEMO Vibrobot Tremolo

    Very nice! (Both the build and the playing.) Thanks for the demo! Mike
  7. mkstewartesq

    3pdt breakout board and tearjerker wah.

    Not easily. It might work if you flip it over so you have “the wrong side” up but you need to be careful about wiring the other connections properly. As you can see, the wiring for the Tearjerker is “mirrored“ from standard true bypass as laid out on the standard true bypass 3PDT board. I just...
  8. mkstewartesq

    Collateral FX Unchained

    That sounds terrific. I have the PPCB Unchained, but I've never quite bonded with it (I think because I'm probably not a good enough player in that style to make it sound its best). But your pedal sounds great!
  9. mkstewartesq

    XC Phase - where to get matched quad 2N5952 JFETs?

    Are you building to the new documentation, where one of the ICs is changed to a TL022? That fixed most peoples' (including mine) ticking and weak phase issues. That being said, and without picking on specific vendors, I've found not all matched sets are the same. I bought a matched 5952 quad...
  10. mkstewartesq

    Sushi Box Particle Accelerator

    That's just beautiful.
  11. mkstewartesq

    High protein spaghetti: Pro-10 Blue (Browne Protein Blue Channel)

    Nice build and quite entertaining build report! Mike
  12. mkstewartesq

    Waterslide Decal

    There are some good tutorials on YouTube on how to use these products (mostly in the context of scale modeling but the actual methodology of use is the same). I suggest you watch them - while they are not hard to use, there are times when using a little too much can be problematic. It's also...
  13. mkstewartesq

    Waterslide Decal

    Looks to me like air has gotten in under the decal via the holes. Recommend using a rubber squeegee to squeeze the air/water out the best you can (short strokes toward the hole, aiming to push the air/water out the hole), then apply a decal solvent such as MicroSol or MicroSet to cause the...
  14. mkstewartesq

    Pendulum harmonic tremolo (Vero)

    Thanks! Here you go. Mike
  15. mkstewartesq

    DEMO Super Heterodyne Receiver

    Okay, that enclosure is just super-cool. Don't get me wrong, you've done a great build overall and the demos are much appreciated. But that enclosure....damn. M
  16. mkstewartesq

    What's on the workbench?

    I hope this proves how loyal I am to you, @Robert, and how much I want to support your business for all of the great things you have done: Just today, I amended my will to add an instruction to my heirs, no matter how many generations in the future it may be, to buy your version of the EQD Swiss...
  17. mkstewartesq

    US sources for Film-Free Decal Paper?

    I think it looks amazing! Great job! Mike
  18. mkstewartesq

    Aion FX Sentinel Metal Distortion

    Super clean, both inside and out!
  19. mkstewartesq

    Karaoke Chorus

    Well, here is my late, unhelpful input: Before their recent redesign, the MadBean forums used to host a subforum for Lectric-FX support. There was a (somewhat inactive) thread called “Karaoke Chorus Mods” and one of the mods was to lower the vibe speed (at its current settings, I find it fairly...
  20. mkstewartesq

    Wonka Vibe (GuitarPCB The Vibe)

    I believe this is the first GuitarPCB board I’ve ever built. I already have a couple of “sort of“ vibes – there is one on my Lectric-FX Karaoke Chorus and another quasi-vibe on my PPCB Circulator - but I wanted a dedicated build. At the same time, I really wasn’t up for the hassle of dealing...