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    Sag control on basic fuzz face

    The madbean Woodshed(Arbiter Fuzz Face) build doc notes a current usage of ~2mA Same for the bosstone/Fuzzly bear
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    Sag control on basic fuzz face

    It's a lot easier to troubleshoot if a failure does occur. This pot doesn't work vs this circuit doesn't work. It is more important when dealing with high power stuff vs audio.
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    Schmitt Triggers...

    Only need 2 triggers. But I didn't notice it was TTL.
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    Importing/scaling PCB in Illustrator

    On a recent illustrator session, I imported the pcb from a PPCB build doc to check for clearance and it didn't scale properly. It was ~2x it's actual size compared to the drill pattern. Is this Robert's fault or did I do something wrong? Is there a simple way to scale it properly?(And...
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    REQUEST Circulator 125B

    No idea but here's one way to check. Print out a 6 knob drill pattern. Put a dot on the middle of each hole Lay the pcb on top, centering lug 2 on the dot. Does it line up? If so, place a footswitch board on the paper, centered on the footswitch. Move the pcb down to accomodate pot height. You...
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    Schmitt Triggers...

    At a glance, may work if you only use pin1-7. Throw it in the BB and find out.
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    Sag control on basic fuzz face

    Modern pots are rated for more than the current ta fuzz pedal will use. They're not rated for watts + beer. Audio + beer... Okay. You do have to be careful in design as well to keep audio and DC off the same pot. You'll get a wonderful near speaker destroying scrape sound if not.
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    Sag control on basic fuzz face

    Yep. You need to current limit it as well... In short. Ole Mr Ohm rears his ugly head again. I see no benefit either. It's pretty much a clean amp/buffer anyway. Since you're (generally) no where near saturation... Not much benefit I have seen a little bit of sweet spot if you bias the second...
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    "standard" knob set screw thread pitch?

    Now ya just gotta find $9 more stuff.
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    Sag control on basic fuzz face

    I get the "dieing battery" idea, for sure(as a partaker of sonic mayhem myself). But only in a circuit that doesn't have an external bias control. Otherwise it's a frustrating redundancy.
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    Sag control on basic fuzz face

    Note, the fuzz factory has way more useless settings than useful settings(see previous point). When you find a good one, it's awesome. But good luck recalling it.
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    Pot wiring as variable resistor

    The second(2 legs tied together)is considered best practice. They are functionally the same. My understanding is the major difference is if the pot fails, usually the wiper (the moving part...), the first layout(leg floating), you get an open circuit. Among other things, harder to troubleshoot...
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    question for Sandspur led

    I think I misspoke. The SW pad is where the LED current flows, but you should have ground continuity in one of the two positions. Toggle the switch and see if the switch is flipping all three poles each time. I *think* PPCB boards use the center set of lugs for LEDs but it's easy enough to...
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    question for Sandspur led

    Hmm. That seems good from my house. Flat side of led to kathode, yes? Cup the LED with your hands and see if it's dim. If it is, check your CLR value. R100 on PPCB boards. IIRC. Also, thank you for soldering your transistors. You could check continuity from K to G on your breakout board (in...
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    Muffler is this sound when it cuts the audio normal?

    Sounds like a bias issue. Or a tube issue.
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    Dunwich Quartet (Effect Layouts)) - Glow in the dark!

    Oh yeah. Dig it! Nice to see more Effectslayouts builds as well. Any of the really stand out to you, tone wise?
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    This is my DOOMSTICK!

    Alright you primitive screwheads... ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐(With proper transitor selection) Still working on the etching process and learning more Illustrator but figured this was good enough to use. The etch was shallow(eBay etchant is too weak, stronger stuff coming) and I ended up sanding trough the paint...
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    LFO Filter pedal

    The electric druid on maybe?
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    Sag control on basic fuzz face

    I mean, there always a harder way to do it. But that would work fine. Note, on the sandspur the "sundial" control IS a bias control. Bringing bias to the front panel would be redundant as the two resistances are in series. I don't think you'll find a ton of use in a sag control with the sundial...
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    Sag control on basic fuzz face

    Note: when. Towing legs of a pot together to use a a variable resistor, I will do it wrong/backwards 97.36% of the time. So, take this fact into account and test it on a breadboard or get info from someone who can work out left right mentally without physically breaking things. Ok--- Great write...