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  1. Chas Grant

    Hyped Fuzz Noise

    If the effect works and all the pots function correctly it could be all that antenna, I mean wire you have laying on the ground. :LOL: It won't be the first time I've seen excessive wire acting as an antenna. as long as everything works, try boxing it up and see what happens. Fuzz circuits are...
  2. Chas Grant

    Son of Ben - No Sound When Engaged

    Honestly its hard to tell what's going on in there. You used white wire for power signal and ground and black wires for the same things. Remove every thing from the enclosure and take more pictures, front and back of the PCB please. Make sure you carefully separate all the wired components so we...
  3. Chas Grant

    How fast can you build?

    Honestly there isn't really an average time. Everyone builds differently. I seen where some people populate the entire board then solder all the components at once and I've seen where some people place one component, solder it in then inspect it, when they are happy with that one component they...
  4. Chas Grant

    3PDT Charge Pump Board Connections

    Cool, what are you using this on, it might make it easier to help out, I used it on PNP germanium fuzz face, which is different from other things
  5. Chas Grant

    BOSS MT2 Metal Zone Mods

    Let me know how the gyrator changes go, and what you did. I might be interested in them.
  6. Chas Grant

    3PDT Charge Pump Board Connections

    I remember how it goes after looking at it. You have your input and output jacks in top corners, with GND on inside. On left above TC1044 is were your 9Vin connects. The 4 in middle go to board, The + - on right side go to switch if you want to install, to switch between +9 and +18. If you want...
  7. Chas Grant

    BOSS MT2 Metal Zone Mods

    Grab It! The one I got was in mint shape. That's why I'm bringing the old one back to life. Also modding these is easy as can be. The circuit board is single sided and half the time the solder comes out with the component, so there no solder to suck away!
  8. Chas Grant

    BOSS MT2 Metal Zone Mods

    So the very first pedal I ever bought was a BOSS MT2 Metal Zone, that was 25 years ago. Well it finally died. This pedal is near and dear to me, not only was it the first pedal I bought, it was the pedal responsible for leading me down the pedal building rabbit hole I'm in now. A few years back...
  9. Chas Grant

    Kliche Mini Loud Noise & Squealing

    Oh Definitely an interesting circuit! The entire circuit is well engineered and it has a distinct sound. I built one a while ago, not really a sound I’m looking for though. It does sound great, and I respect how well engineered it is, it’s just not my style is all.
  10. Chas Grant

    Kliche Mini Loud Noise & Squealing

    IC2 voltage is fine, Vref is +18V. Pin 4 is connected to -9V. The Klon was the first (and maybe the only) pedal to use all 3 voltages from the TC1044, +18V, 9V and -9V. Then the voltage divider derives Vref at 4.5V.
  11. Chas Grant

    3PDT Charge Pump Board Connections

    I contacted PedalPCB through the contact link on the web page, Mr. PedalPCB sent me a copy of the schematic pretty quick. Not sure were is right now, might be quicker to hit him up.
  12. Chas Grant

    Another Dirt Pedal

    It looks great! I really dig the layout on the prototype boards! I’ve done a few of them and they are not as easy to do as it looks! So Bravo!
  13. Chas Grant

    Seabed Delay Major Sound DRop

    None, that's the power supply, if your talking the bottom of the schematic
  14. Chas Grant

    Gunvernator Issue

    What led me to believe R102 could be an issue.... Voltages at pin 3 and pin5 of IC1 were .3 and .6Vdc. The voltage on these 2 pins are supplied by Vref, and should be around 4.5 volts with pin 5 a little higher since pin 3 has a 1M resistor on it. Vref is derived from a simple voltage divider...
  15. Chas Grant

    Aion Prism

    Cool! and Thank You! The FA1 is on my to do list. I like to build the older circuits as close as I can to their original specs. Its time consuming and sometimes risky to get the old op amps, but Small bear is a safe bet. So looks like I will need to order a few!
  16. Chas Grant

    Aion Prism

    Nice!!!! Where did you find the HA1457s?
  17. Chas Grant

    Gunvernator Issue

    Take a picture of the component side of the board, I want to see R101 and R102, its almost as if you have a 4k7 resistor in for R102.
  18. Chas Grant

    BJF Lil Green Wonder - or is it??

    OH MY!!! That is really top notch! Everything about it is on the spot!
  19. Chas Grant

    Kliche mini electrolytics

    If all you have are 25V they should be fine. The rule of thumb is to double the voltage, but if you look at some of the big name pedals you will see them use 16V in the 9v path and 6.3V in the voltage divider circuits, which are 4.5V. If you are ordering the caps for a project then order a few...
  20. Chas Grant

    Could faulty 3PDT switch cause a short?

    Just an observation, the 3PDT breakout boards are raised up off the switch. Have you checked in between the board and switch for anything causing a short