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    Changing C1 in Module8 for more bass?

    So, C1 for the Module8 calls for a 100n which is totally normal. I'm wanting to build this and use it for bass. So, is there any harm in using a 220n? Should I be conservative and maybe just bump it up to a 120n? Would bumping C1 up from 100n even really make any meaningful difference? I'm...
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    ADHD, TL072 vs TL082

    So, the ADHD calls for TL082 and I just realized I accidentally ordered the 72 and don’t have 82 on hand. Any major differences? Issues with going with the 72?
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    VHS, no sound, FV-1 issue? (SOLVED)

    So, I built a 2 in 1 pedal. It’s a VHS going into a Phase II. I’m getting clean signal though the pedal. The Phase II works perfectly. The VHS, when I engage it it gives me a hiss sound and no bass signal. I notice when I switch on the Chorus or Reverb there is a loud pop. No pop when I switch...
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    Trimpots in Phase II

    Can someone explain the function of the two trimpots in the Phase II?
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    Switch for diodes muff fuzz

    I’m wanting to add a switch for the second clipping section for the diodes on the muff fuzz. I want to be able to switch between LEDs and the regular setting. What would be the correct outgoing and input spots for that? I figured they would be the two top ones. I was planning to use an SPDT.
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    Amentum Boost/EQD Arrows for Bass Mods

    I'm loving the simplicity of the Amentum Boost and would love to try it on bass. However, looking at reviews of the EQD Arrows from talkbass, the biggest issue, for those of us who play at the lower end of the scale, is that it loses a lot of bottom end. I'm considering getting the Amentum and...
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    ADHD just True Bypass?

    So, I'm not much a fan of buffered bypass and am just wanting to go true bypass for the ADHD. I plan to not use the DPDT and just connect the spots on the PCB. However, I need to know if True Bypass is in the up or down position. Can someone tell me?
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    Green Russian C11 & C12 flip/switch??? Correction needed?

    I've got a question about the Green Russian caps for C11 and C12. I've been looking a up a lot of schematics on the original Green Russian. Everything I'm seeing from the original has 100nF for the second to last cap in the Tonestack (C12) and 10nF for the ground just before it (C11). However...
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    New PCBs Come In?

    Does anyone now when new PCBs generally come in. I've got parts but am just waiting on PCBs. Specifically the Muffin Fuzz and the ADHD.
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    5817 necessary in Muffin' Fuzz???

    Hey everyone, Finished building the Ram's Head version of the Muffin Fuzz. I'm getting clean sound through but no effect. Looking back, I saw in the list of parts needed the 5817 is not included but it is in the map of the PCB. Is this all that I'm missing??? If so, why isn't the 5817 included...