6 Band EQ + Cracklejack 2 in 1? Advice?

I have pcbs for the 6 Band EQ as well as the Cracklejack. I also have a 1590C enclosure and since there isn't a "level" for volume boost on the EQ, I thought it might be fun to try putting them together in one enclosure.

My plan is to place this combo pedal after my drive pedals for tone shaping and see where it makes me.

Has anyone here combined either of these into one pedal before?

If so, any advice?

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Hey sorry for the late replies! I left my board at our practice space but I'll try and post a gut shot Sun or Mon.

I have to say I really dig this thing. SUPER useful and versatile, especially with the order switch. It's found a home after my drive pedals to give me a different flavor.
Sorry for the delayed post of this gutshot! Not the prettiest or cleanest work but no issues at all. Pretty tight fit. Fun build!


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