6-band EQ


Nice! I bought a PCB a while back for a 6 band EQ that uses rotary pots, but I really prefer the sliders! Cant' wait to build this!
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I wish more pedals used sliders like the Ibanez Echo shifter, so easy to manipulate with your foot (not in this case though :D )


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That's very slick. Nice job on the sandwiched PCBs. The Tayda option would be nice, although with a faceplate that hides everything even hacking wouldn't be the worst. I'm kinda fearless after dremel-ing out the window for the Mimir's Well. Hated every second of it....figuring that I'd screw it up.


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I think having a pre-made enclosure could be a reason not to use the faceplate. Interesting project.

I'd recommend the pre-made enclosure when it's available even if you are using the faceplate... Unless you just like to torture yourself. ?

The middle 4 slots were relatively easy, but the two outer slots have to be fairly precise because of how close they are to the edge of the faceplate.
There isn't a lot of room for error in this build, a couple millimeters can ruin your day.


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I agree the ready-made enclosure seems like the best choice, and working out having them available from Tayda was a great idea. Since the screws on the pots often hold the faceplate in place, is there an equivalent for this project? Or will some adhesive be used to keep the faceplate on the box?


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How's the discussion with Tayda in re drilling going? Would they provide rectangular drilling, or would it be a series of circular drills?


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It'll be slotted / milled. The corners will most likely be rounded, but it shouldn't be an issue on a 2mm slot.

I should have a prototype enclosure soon and will post pics.
Very cool. This is shaping up to be very interesting. That’d be cool if they expanded the slot/mill option to custom jobs as well. It’d open up slide pots and switches (and rockers!) to a wider DIY audience.


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This is an awesome project! A quality EQ has always been one my DIY wishlist and enclosure/faceplate combo is fantastic.