Account Disappeared


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Went to log in to the shop and it wouldn't recognize my login credentials. Had to make a new account and of course all my wishlist and orders have disappeared. Frustrating.
I apologize, the setting to purge inactive accounts was disabled but must have been automatically set back to one year by a software update at some point.
I got purged too! If it purged accounts that were inactive for over a year, I'm not too surprised. I haven't actually finished a pedal in quite some time (been busy with pedalboard setups, repairs, etc), and I have easily over 100 pcbs already waiting to be built, so I haven't bought anything in a minute. I'm burning some vacation time next month, so I'm gonna try to crank some out.
Thanks for posting this. My account was also unrecognized, which confused me, because I was certain I had both a forum account and a shop account.
I searched through my email to confirm that I had signed up for an account under that email address in 2020. I guess I'll have to reconstruct my wishlist based on other emails I'd received when my account was active.
Accounts should no longer be purged due to inactivity.

If your account was deleted I can restore your order history after creating a new account, just shoot me a message.

Unfortunately I can't restore your wishlist. :(