125B Aion Binary Dual Fuzz 125B


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NOTE 1: Hole A1 is set to 8 mm, the size of my preferred LED holder. Adjust to taste.

NOTE 2: The top / side B holes are sized for a 12.5 mm DC jack, and the in / out jack holes are tweaked a little to balance. They definitely fit with both fully and partially enclosed sockets, but I can't guarantee they will fit with every socket type. Adjust to taste or just copy the numbers from a standard template.

NOTE 3: I use bare metal enclosures, if you want to use powder-coated, add .2 mm to each hole. That's POINT TWO of a mm; decimal places are important.

Tested with the PCB: it fits.


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Here's another version that is a straight metric conversion of the Imperial template provided by Aion, with the holes expanded by an extra 0.2 mm for powder coating:

I received the final product from Tayda and everything fits.