Amazon Solder Station recommendation


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So I woke up today checked my E-mail and won a grand prize of $500 Amazon gift card. Was wondering if any one has used or is using a reflow/solder station that they like and would recommend.


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As pointed out, I would be very careful with that email especially if you didn’t enter a sweepstakes, lots of Amazon scams out there. Don’t put your account information into any links from the email, if it’s legit they would just link you a code or include it in the email.

Forgive me if you know this all already, just looking out for ya!

I’ve seen lots of good things about the Hakko. I use the Weller WES51 station, but I don’t think it’s sold anymore. The newer ones with a digital readout look pretty nice.


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I use the Weller station and I like it. I bought it from Amazon maybe about a year ago. Hakko is definitely more popular, though, it seems, and from what I have read may come to temp faster.

Honestly the main reason I didn't buy the Hakko is because I am dumb and vain and I can't get over the fact that it looks like it's made by Fisher-Price.