And the Kloniverse continues....


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Bill Finnegan did a live stream, starts about at 10:00 min mark one here, so if you want to hear some overdrive pedals played (not very entertaining I might warn) and the low down on the not so mythical but special 1N34a diodes and the card table where it all began, wanna see Klon #001 and yes you can email him for an offer, it's all here:


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A lot of people like to poo-poo on the centaur but if you use it how it was designed to be used it's a good pedal. As a low gain boost/drive into a cooking fender amp with a strat or tele it's hard to beat imo.


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I've tried Klons in many different ways - as clean boosts, overdrives, dirty boosts, you name it, with a multitude of guitars and amps. And I still don't see what all the fuss is about! 🤪

I have no use for a Klon. But it seems plenty of players do and that's perfectly fine by me. There are plenty of things I'll never understand.