Andromeda Deluxe


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This was my third build and it went really well. I only had to fix the on/off indicator LED as I put it in the wrong way the first time. I guess now is when the overconfidence starts to set in and I'll doubtlessly be humbled in the near future 😆. The 2.2 uF and 1 uF WIMA caps I bought took more board space than I anticipated, but I was able to get them in. I had to solder the ODC pot into place first in order to not block the solder pads for it. The build was otherwise straight forward, but I missed not having the values of the components printed on the PCB itself.

I used the Tayda custom drill service for this enclosure as the last time I tried to drill the holes myself, they were off a bit and I didn't want to mangle another enclosure. If anyone wants the template, it is here: If you use it, adjust the LED and power plug holes to fit what you will be using.

Now, I need to figure out the graphics part which has never been my strong suit.


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Noice! Built one of these myself to replace the original Andromeda I built before it. I'm surprised at just how different it is compared to the original. Can sound the same...but also go into different territory. Kind of an odd overdrive really...but in a good way.


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Try swapping MA150s for the soft and hard clipper diodes. Considerably smoother. Less edgy. I put the hards on a on off on switch so original diodes or MA150s or no diodes. Liking it.