Anybody from Canada order with DHL yet?


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Yes I did with Tayda-DHL order. Twice. And asking nicely to reduce the price, writing these are "samples", etc.

Got a 30$ value instead of 180$... It really made a difference at customs.


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That's a good question. As I've been it with those charges while ordering from Tayda, I'd rather wait 4-5 weeks for the regular shipping option, so that all the charges don't add up too much. This way, I have building "breaks" (which is good for my relationship ;)) and I can think what's going to be next.
Still curious now that you've asked, though.


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But 10$ more than U...S.........P............S........................

But nice possibility when delivery time is important.


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I just jumped on the DHL to Canada train too. I usually avoid it, as I've been dinged with extra duties, etc. on Tayda orders, but figured I'd roll the dice after your success. Fingers crossed!


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So far DHL shipping has gone smoothly, I really wish they were an option for domestic US shipping as well. :confused:

The only catch is that we don't have a local dropoff site for DHL so I have to schedule pickups. This just means there will typically be two pickups per week (the days depend on the amount of shipments). Even still, the shipping time is far less than even USPS Priority International, averaging around 5 - 7 days.

As DHL becomes the more popular option (and I'm fairly confident it will) we'll increase the pickups to daily.


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There is a way around this guys , i learned this from sending my Marshall amp to the States for mods etc .
I paid for expedited return shipping and UPS still wanted a crap load of money for brokerage fee's . I can't lie here ... I Snapped !!!
I refused to pay the extra fee's , and so the amp went back to the local UPS warehouse .

I was told about a form that UPS ( All shipping companies )has , that allows you to " Broker " this shipment yourself , and he was right !
I asked for this form , and the warehouse cat gave me a single piece of paper . The paper is an official Canadian Government document that you take to your local Canada Border Customs office . ( CBSA )

Once there they process your shipment , i had to pay like 8$ or 10 $ , they hand you back another piece of paper that you take back to the UPS shipping warehouse , and they released my amp , no questions asked , i did NOT have to pay anything to UPS at the warehouse .

So , in short all Canadians can get around brokerage by obtaining this " Self Brokerage " form , and fallow the steps listed above .
I ask the CBSA agents , and he explained the whole thing ...

Bottom line ... If we " Broker " it ourselves , we DO NOT have to pay any Brokerage fee's , Taxes YES , but that's a small amount .

It goes on the declared value of the product being shipping into Canada . I declared my Marshall head at actual street price $1200 .

Sorry , i can't remember the name of the brokerage form .


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Thanks. That sounds like it may be worth it for an expensive amp, etc. , but I can't see taking the time to obtain the document, take it to the CBSA, then back to UPS, etc. for a PCB/parts order.


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That’s all well and good if you have a courier warehouse near you that’s open to the public. Mine isn’t as it’s at the Airport. I would think NAFTA comes in to play here with stuff going between Canada and the US. I’ll see if I get dinged next time I place a bigger order (over 100US maybe).

I understand getting nailed when it comes from Tayda and crosses several borders. My order arriving today was for a decent amount and I had an extra 20$ charge, not a huge deal.