Applicability of code with respect to specific PCB

Hello knobwigglers:

This Pythagoras/Unison board over here might actually get built. I got the EEPROM for it, but wrt to cooking other ones: does what you can provide in software vary according to the flavour of PCB you have (since there are a variety of PCBs in the shop)?

Probably Wasn't Paying Attention

ps. as i write this i see that the layouts of some boards are verrry similar.


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Any algorithm designed for the Pythagoras or Arachnid PCB (Module 8, Octagon, Spatialist, and EEPROM builder programs) will work interchangeably between those two boards. These are general purpose boards so designing your own algorithms would be pretty straightforward.

There are a few specialized boards that have algorithms designed specifically for them.... The Deflector, DMD-2, HAARP, Hydra, Organ Donor, and VHS. Algorithms designed for these boards won't behave correctly with a different PCB, and any algorithm designed for these boards have special considerations.