Blue Breaker


This circuit was my first attempt at build. I have this sort of love/hate thing with Clapton, but when I learned about the history of the Blues Breaker sound (coupled with the straight forward build), I was hyped.

Lo! That shit didn’t work. I’ve returned to it a handful of times, but no dice. I grabbed a fresh PCB over Labor Day, and threw it together today.

The enclosure was pre-drilled, so I had to jump the LED with wires. Sounds pretty good- I may fuck around w some values, but need to play it a bit more first. Need to replace the 100u caps with ones that fit at some point, so plan to clean it up & tinker around whenever I get to it.


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Nice hand painted art!
Thanks man- that little abstract album cover..cover is my favorite part of it I think. After failing WILDLY hand painting a precise graph/sine wave design on my phaser, and only sort of succeeding on a zippy clone (the triangle of knobs is supposed to be a bush, the toggle has a zipper attached…) - I’m pleased w this one!

I swear I’m gonna learn illustrator soon lol