Boneyard Delegate


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mine is super smooth, definitely no overdrives here either

I have to turn sustain and ratio pretty high to hear any compression effects, though I suspect the choice of LED and LDR could cause quite a difference between units


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Great build Barry! I built one of these and it’s definitely a more subtle effect I don’t think the overdrive is the desired effect unless you really crank sustain an level but I wouldn’t think it would sound great. I saw a tip on the original boneyard thread about putting attack and release at 10 and messing with the interaction of the ratio knob because these three have quite the effect on each other. Seemed to work for me. I noticed more dynamics this way.


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I can get mine to overdrive but I also was pretty haphazard with the LDR/LED placement. If I remember Chuck’s thread correctly that’s what impacts if it’ll overdrive and how much - I was happy with it and what I could dial in with the knobs so I didn’t fiddle after turning it on
Looks great! Yes mine overdrives. Likely due to proximity ldr as well as led type. But i never use it like that.

I use it subtley (is that even a word?)