Bring out yer Diptrace

The SMD version:
B3G and B4G are the same in different dimensions.

I got my layout of your smart IO in and verified. It's a nice little package. I have to play with components to remove extended parts (4x at present), but I'm pretty happy with it. Programming with UPDI is so much easier, just add a RPi, a 1k resistor, and you're set! Even 1590B friendly!
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I'm feeling the peer pressure
I'm pretty happy with how this one has turned out. I got it down to 57x27mm, so it should fit into pretty much any build without needing to move the controls or main PCB further down the enclosure. I probably won't be ordering this in the near future, as I have about 25 each of my I/O and relay bypass boards right now, but I'll be ordering this one when I start getting low again.
Got a few on their way to me

New layout of the Sardine Tin Plus (modded superfuzz)

A test board of a MPB forum member's project that I liked the sound of--with some value adjustments. SMD necessitated some top layer traces and vias, so not as pretty. And the pots aren't named like the original, my B :ROFLMAO:

and a couple adapter boards
1720583879300.png 1720583892117.png

Also, SBP has 13700 SMDs (made by coolaudio???) for 50% less than Mouser (TI)