1590BB2 BYOC/buildyourownclone Echo Royal - 1590BB2


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Here's my drill template for the Echo Royal from BuildYourOwnClone. The Echo Royal comes with a pre-drilled enclosure, but I wanted to have Tayda UV-print an enclosure, so I had to prepare a drill template. This template assumes a DC jack with an external nut, and includes an extra 0.2mm on the holes to allow for powder-coating.

This is a *very* tight fit - the Tayda 1590BB2 is slightly shallower than the BYOC enclosure - but I was able to make it fit. I did have to ditch the star washers on my jacks and wait to tighten the jack nuts until after I had secured the bottom on the enclosure (the ridge on the enclosure lid is almost right against the jack threads).
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