Byrdhouse Compressor (JangleBox)


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Everybody needs a little jangle in their life. Me? I need it badly; so once I heard about this pedal, I was all over it.

I've been obsessed with that jangle before I even knew what to call it. Of course I was aware of The Byrds and that 12 string sound, but being from a different generation, I associated it more with personal heroes like Gary Louris (The Jayhawks) and the great Johnny Marr. And although I'm not really what one would call a big fan of REM, I couldn't help finding Peter Buck's fine jangle work in "Radio Free Europe" stuck in my head the whole time while I was building it.

It didn't disappoint. My only previous experience with a compressor was a MXR Dyna Comp I recently got rid of. I liked the sustain I could get out of it but nothing really ever wowed me about it. That said, I've always wanted a Ross-style compressor since I was a teenager (due to an obsession with Trey Anastasio's rig), and this not only delivers in that regard, but the added jangle toggle takes things to whole new level. I'm a Fender guy (both strat and tele), so this fits in nicely with a lot of the sounds I go for. I found myself playing Smiths-esque/Johnny Marr style rhythm as soon as I plugged it in and switched that toggle to full jangle. The dark setting darkens things up just enough tame those single coils when needed, which is pretty cool as well. I can only imagine how this pedal could brighten up some humbuckers. I am also pleased with the amount sustain I can get out of it. Aesthetically, I have to admit the navy blue knobs on the cream enclosure looks super dope, so I am pleased with how that turned out as well!

This is a good build for a novice too- not difficult and pretty quick to rip out. If you're look for a Ross-style compressor and love getting jangly, this is a must build. If you don't give a crap about compressors but just want that jangle, again - this is a must build! Highly recommended.