Byzantium parts list


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Hey there,
Is it possible to get a copy/paste of the parts list for this board? I'm planning some boards with my friend and we need to place a mouser order by the end of the week.

Formatting can be a mess, I'm just in need of component values. Thank you!!


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I'm working on the parts lists for the Byzantium and ElectroVibe Mini today, will hopefully post them both later this afternoon.

The most important thing is to ensure your capacitors (electrolytic and film box) are 7mm height or shorter. I'll list the part numbers I used for the prototypes.


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Thanks so much. Didn't want to be an annoyance, normally I can wait just fine but in this situation I need to order ahead.


Any word on the Electrovibe Mini build doc? I got all the parts (hopefully the correct sizes) and want to get started on drilling the enclosure and populating the PCBs. Also, the boards look AMAZING!


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@PedalPCB Populating my Byzantium boards currently and just a heads up, there is a 10uf on the BBD board that is missing from the build doc. Following the conventional wisdom and using the values from the board until told otherwise. Also a question, will the ICs fit with leaf spring sockets, or is this a straight to the board job?


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I almost missed the BC560. Did you use the BC560A or BC560B in the prototype? Also is it ok to use a 30K trim in place of the 25k?

Phil hodson

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"That's C103 (vref filter cap), it has been bumped up to 47uF to match the Boss schematic but 10uF works just as well."

Just about to put the capacitors into mine! so we can use either a 10uF or a 47uF?


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So the BBD pcb goes to the top of the Audio pcb So you can bias the pedal ,where does female header go, audio or BBD pcb ,the 6 pin male header is for the switch , both component sides facing up A bit lazy really twin pcbs that need to be biased are not common proper instructions would be good, Aion have a diagram and bias instructions for the DC Chorus ,one of the first twin pcbs I saw a couple of years ago